Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Ahhh...I'm emerging from my hiatus.
Home from wedding #2,
and the completion of school year #2.
Although I'm working summer school...hopefully things will be a little more relaxed around here!

So, let's discuss the GoVoxBox shall we...
I'm always pumped when I get chosen to test out these products.
Let's check it out...  
I received all products complimentary, in exchange for my own views.

Let's see-I'm going to be honest here.  I did not use the orthotic.  For starters, I'm not having issues that would make me try one.  Secondly, I'm not quite getting how an insert can fit sizes 6-10, I mean, there's a pretty big difference between a size 6 and a size 10.  You mean to tell me, the orthotic will fit in my size 6, but also in a size 10?  I don't buy it.  I didn't bother trying this out.  I should have, but I didn't.  

I did try the pedi-rock.  It's a super awesome texture, however it was a little painful.  I don't think if I could really withstand the pain of scraping my dead skin off with this thing.  Plus, it's just another thing that's going to get moldy in my non-vented bathroom.  However, I am wondering if it will remove dead skin behind my kid's ears...hmm, I'll have to get back to you on that.


 So, I can honestly review these for you.  After all, it isn't every day I have the need for a tampon!
But, I was thoroughly disappointed.  I found the tampon itself to be too small, not absorbent enough and because it was so tiny, had a hard time going in (that's what she said...)  So, I wouldn't buy these.  And anyway, I'm not quite understanding the whole different shaped/different movement tampons-all it does it plug a hole, how hard can it be?


Ok, here's the deal-these were delish.  BUT, it appears to be more than a standard serving of almonds.  And on top of that, it had much more sugar and carbohydrates because they aren't plain almonds!  They also are on the pricier side.  Possibly, an alternative would be to buy plain almonds from Costco, or another bulk shopping place, and then make your own glazed/roasted/whatever it is they do at amusement parks to make you want to eat a pile of almonds!

I was psyched about this coupon to buy a free yogurt, until I discovered it isn't kosher!  Boo...they have some fabulous flavos like caramelized almonds,  pineapple passion fruit, and honeyed apricot.  Now I have tried many different yogurts, and I'm super picky.  Here are my thoughts on this yogurt-yes, I have thoughts on it, even though I didn't even taste it!  For starters, it's 5.3 oz as oppose to 6.  Now, I know a lot of yogurt companies have switched to this size, and it just pisses me off-we're paying more for less of a product.  My other biggest concern is the separate "fruit on the bottom" container.  My spoon just never seems to fit there, which means my yogurt is more sour than it would be had the "fruit" been in the same container as the yogurt.  Also, this  yogurt has 2g. of fat, and is on the lower side of protein per serving with only 9g.  I'm just not that into it.

I was psyched when I received this in my package!  I have a similar one by a different company and I can always use a second in case one is dirty! However, I was disappointed with this bottle.  The "blender" aka, the JAXX, doesn't work that well.  I found that if I filled it only half way, it was able to blend the protein drink better.  


Just like the Jaxx bottle, I was so happy to get some new samples of a protein drink.  I just recently got into them and I enjoy sampling different brands to see which is best, but alas, they were not kosher.  

We only have one bathtub, in a really old bathroom.  It's not exactly enticing to say the least.  So, there is no bath taking for me! 

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