Monday, July 11, 2016

Moving on...

About two years ago, my husband applied for a fellowship to continue his training in the field of medicine, and after several interviews in many different places, he picked a fellowship in Maryland.  So, as the title suggests, we're moving out of New York, to Baltimore.  

Two years ago, I was miserable with the outcome.  I knew he wouldn't have much of a choice, but figured if he interviewed enough, he'd definitely be able to choose from a program in New York.  However, it didn't work out that way, and two years later, we are so excited to be moving on from New York.  New York, quite literally, drains the life out of you.  The cost of living takes the joy out of living because everything revolves around the money! How you'll pay your rent, buy your food, fill your car, pay your tolls-I've bonded with several people over empty bank accounts.  Thankfully, we're looking at an overall increase in the quality of life.  

But, these transitions don't come without hardships, even though there are many positives.  One of those hardships, was Moshe's hesitation with moving.  He has expressed several reservations about his new apartment.  He's worried it will be too small, or he won't like his room, or the kitchen will be too small.  He's worried about making new friends, and leaving his best friend behind, and going to a new school.  When I spoke to one of my friends about the impending difficult transition, he suggested I get Moshe a pen pal.  After some back and forth with the  new school, we found Moshe a suitable writing partner from his new class.  It turns out his pen pal was even more excited and sent him a letter he wrote completely on his own out of pure excitement! 

I knew I would need a template, since Moshe has never written a letter before.  Here's the thing, many tasks that are  "innate" to us, are actually innate because we were taught once upon a time.  So I knew I would need to create a template for him, at least in the beginning to serve as model of how we write to a pen pal.  I did some Pinterest searching, and none of the pre-made templates worked for me.

 AHG Pen Pal Ideas: This would be a great introduction letter for your students to use the first time they write...:

I wanted the letter to be a little more personalized for the situation.  However, it did get me off on the right track.  When writing a pen pal letter, it really is all about you.  

Questions to include in a pen pal letter
Your birthday 
Your age
Your school
Your family: siblings, where you live
Your favorites: color, food, toy, activity, movie, animal, subject, sport
Something you're good at 
Something exciting that happened, or something you're looking forward to
What you want to be when you grow up 

Essentially, by creating a template, you can create the perfect pen pal letter!
I just typed it up on google docs, and then printed a page boarder from 
They have tons of options, and each boarder can be personalized, which is much more exciting than buying a standard pack of paper and, it can be printed for free! #winning 

I wasn't sure Dovy would be too into the letter writing, but he wants to be just like his big brother!

We chose some small trinkets to add to each envelope and mailed it out!

Moshe has continued to write to his pen pal and they will meet in person soon in our new home.  Dovy's pen pal wasn't able to write back, but that didn't stop Dovy! He has taken an interest in letter writing and has decided his teacher from last year will be his new pen pal.  

We mailed our next set of letters this afternoon.  
I know that letter writing is a thing of the past, and communication has become much less informal.  For better or worse, at least it allows for easy and quick communication.  I hope that this helps teach my kids how valuable staying in touch is and how vital communication really is! 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday Munchies on The 4th..

Hi everyone, long time no write! 
I'm going to attempt to pop back in now consistently, and tomorrow you'll understand why I've been absent! No, not pregnant...

These long holiday weekends always have me wishing for a friend or family get together.  I hope that one day (the time is coming sooner and sooner) when I have a house, I can host regular friend, family and neighborhood get togethers.

We didn't have any solid plans, other than meeting grandma for brunch.  But, we did start our day off on the right foot


Yeah, I'm sure you didn't doubt that there would be donuts involved.  I was hoping for a red white and blue sprinkled donut, but I wasn't picky.  My kids appreciated the treat too!

And we ended our night roasting marshmallows 

This is an all time favorite for my kids! We just use a tea light in a small disposable tin, and they roast away!  It also is a good way to teach about fire safety.  Hannah knew all the answers to the questions about fire and ironically, she wasn't the most troublesome during this adventure.  

Of course, I couldn't post a Monday Munchies without Pinterest inspired food. Maybe when I have these aforementioned get togethers, I can use these recipes! 

Lightened Up 7 Layer Dip 4th of July Food Ideas, #recipe #party:  How awesome that it's a salad! I've never seen a red white and blue non-dessert item before! So no surprise that the rest of my food items are dessert related!

blue white and red dipped pretzels recipe for 4th of July:   4th of July Fruit Kabobs! ~ from ~ these make the perfect 4th of July patriotic party desserts... both kids and adults will be begging for more dessert! #4thofjuly #recipes #thefrugalgirls:  July 4th Cake Red White and Blue Cake:   

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries - perfect summer dessert!  Party food, party dessert recipes:  

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Free Printable - Land of the FREE Because of the BRAVE from Loving Mountain Life:

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