Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday Munchies on The 4th..

Hi everyone, long time no write! 
I'm going to attempt to pop back in now consistently, and tomorrow you'll understand why I've been absent! No, not pregnant...

These long holiday weekends always have me wishing for a friend or family get together.  I hope that one day (the time is coming sooner and sooner) when I have a house, I can host regular friend, family and neighborhood get togethers.

We didn't have any solid plans, other than meeting grandma for brunch.  But, we did start our day off on the right foot


Yeah, I'm sure you didn't doubt that there would be donuts involved.  I was hoping for a red white and blue sprinkled donut, but I wasn't picky.  My kids appreciated the treat too!

And we ended our night roasting marshmallows 

This is an all time favorite for my kids! We just use a tea light in a small disposable tin, and they roast away!  It also is a good way to teach about fire safety.  Hannah knew all the answers to the questions about fire and ironically, she wasn't the most troublesome during this adventure.  

Of course, I couldn't post a Monday Munchies without Pinterest inspired food. Maybe when I have these aforementioned get togethers, I can use these recipes! 

Lightened Up 7 Layer Dip 4th of July Food Ideas, #recipe #party:  How awesome that it's a salad! I've never seen a red white and blue non-dessert item before! So no surprise that the rest of my food items are dessert related!

blue white and red dipped pretzels recipe for 4th of July:   4th of July Fruit Kabobs! ~ from ~ these make the perfect 4th of July patriotic party desserts... both kids and adults will be begging for more dessert! #4thofjuly #recipes #thefrugalgirls:  July 4th Cake Red White and Blue Cake:   

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries - perfect summer dessert!  Party food, party dessert recipes:  

Don't forget

Free Printable - Land of the FREE Because of the BRAVE from Loving Mountain Life:

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