Thursday, October 31, 2013

One Room Challange...Week Five

Today I'm linking up for the One Room Challenge.  You can find Week One HERE, Week Two HERE, Week Three HERE and Week Four HERE 

Ahhh, I feel so much better this week!

Here's what was accomplished: 
wall paper hung-check, check, check!!!!
Sconces hung
Mirror hung
Crib touched up 
Crib sheets bought
Crib blanket ordered 
Crate ordered 
Curtain rods, arrived today, along with the monogram
Chalk pain bought 
Rug arrived

Ok, so let's discuss.  

My father in law hung the wallpaper for me-there was no way I was going to go near it!  

The sconces were dug out from the garage-they haven't been used since our first nursery four residences ago... 

The mirror was taken from our dining room wall and truthfully-I haven't even noticed it's gone. But I do notice it every day in the nursery, because it looks marvelous!  Now to figure out what will replace it in the dining room...

I touched up the crib with the fix it stick and paint pen-honestly, it probably looked better without me trying to mess with it, but whatevs.  

Check out how beat up and dirty it was before...

OH, by the way-that's the only look at the hung wallpaper you get this week ;)

Now check out the after

From a distance it looks fine, but when you look up close-see what I mean?

I bought $10 sheets at Buy Buy Baby.  

Hannah's personalized blanket is ordered, but I doubt it will be here in time for the reveal.  I really went back and forth on if I should try to upgrade the cheap crib comforter or order one.  
This is what I was eying

 I asked for help from one of my favorite Etsy stores VixonGoods and she said that because the ruffle trim was sewn on before the seam was put on, it would be complicated to add the ruffle. Plus, I still needed to get it embroidered with her name on it...because I wanted to, and I'm the boss around here!  
By the time I added up the price, I knew the pottery barn one was too expensive, but I also knew buying the trim, taking the time to upgrade it, and have it embroidered would cost me too, so I compromised and went with this from Etsy

I got both sides light minky pink.  I highly doubt this will be here for the reveal, but I can't wait for it!  

My crate was ordered and is on it's way

I think it will add the perfect touch!  

My curtain rods came today-anyone else find it incredibly difficult to find nice white curtain rods?!?  
Here's what I went with 

Now, I know they're expensive, it kills me to spend so much money on something that really plays a very minor part-but the curtain rod definitely adds character to the room, and this distressed, shabby look is exactly what I am going for.  Plus, I love the Restoration Hardware curtain rod I got in our first nursery and these things are awesome quality and I know we will get plenty of use out of them! So look at it as a semi investment...

Besides the wallpaper being hung, something else big happened this week!
The rug arrived!

Although there was a problem-the blue is much more of a dark blue, and it's not really gold, it's a beige.  It just did not match, so away she went and the search began again.

This is what I ended up settling on, and it is resting well in the nursery
It's a similar pattern, but just a more green, or silver sage shall we call it!
I love it, it fits perfectly!

What's left
Spray paint the hooks and monogram-which arrived today!
Hang the curtain rods and curtains 
paint the night stand
paint the picture frames 
organize bookshelf 
embellish the lamp 

I think I can actually pull this off! Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Moshe's 4th Birthday Party

Those who know me, know I love to throw a good party.

I don't consider myself a natural at being creative, pulling things together, coordinating all the details or having great ideas! Hey, that's what Pinterest is for!  You can follow me HERE

Almost a year ago, I came across this pin

I looked a little closer and this is what I found


How perfect!  
For those of you that know, you know we love donuts in our family!  

I did a search for more donut themed parties 

 so easy for a breakfast partyDoughnut birthday cake.

This party has been in the works for quite some time.
First things first-convert this Krispy Kreme party to a Dunkin Donuts party.
I knew The Paper Cupcake would get things rolling.

Check out this invitation she created for me

What was awesome about this party was that the prepared food wasn't terribly expensive, and what I could come up with to make myself, was rather easy.
The menu consisted of:
cream cheese
white fish spread
fruit salad 
chocolate milk
orange juice
milk & coffee 

It was simple, easy, tasty and a total crowd pleaser-and super cheap!  

Here's our set up

Yes, you know me too well-I bought THESE beverage containers specifically for the party. 
I know they'll get used again and looked at it as an investment!  

Of course, what party would be complete without a little DIYing pre-party?
I wanted a cute tiered tray.  I have one, but due to kosher restrictions, I couldn't use it for the dairy donuts.  
In comes Pinterest
So I bought some simple white plates from Target, and THIS and THIS to complete the project.
However, I got a little freaked out when I read the back of the glue and it said it has been found to cause cancer and to keep away from food.  
So, I opted to only glue the candle stick on the bottom the plate-where it would never come in contact with food, and then just stack them-which created the illusion of a tiered tray, and I can even store it as a tiered tray, but hopefully no one's health was compromised!  Phew!!!

I also loved the idea of taking the top portion of the invitation and making a banner, however the $50+ price tag had me running the other direction!  
So, I bought some poster board, and some adult markers-sharpies oh how I love  thee.... 
and I reminisced about my kindergarten days, thankful that I am now capable of coloring inside the lines.
I'm quite pleased with how it came out

This was my first party where I had to make sure there was  a craft for the kids-before, the kids have either been too young, or the party had religious significance so the party was more of just a get together with a little ceremony.  

Going along with the kitchen theme, I decided we would decorate chef hats and aprons.  
I ordered THESE and THESE from Amazon, and I found bright fabric markers on clearance at Target-score!

Thankfully I did not end up with a fabric markered couch, rug, floor or wall!  
And those markers promptly went into the trash once the party was over.  

All in all, a fun time was had by all-so they say.
I had tons of food left over, so my work enjoyed donuts and coffee Monday morning. 
I'm still enjoying some leftover coffee, which I was presently consuming until Dovy came over and asked me for some.

I'll leave you with this 
I'd say he enjoyed his big brother's birthday party!

Thanks to those who noticed the new blog layout-I love it.  I highly recommend Sweetie Baby's Designs.  Her prices are great, and she was an absolute pleasure to work with-accommodating and she put up with my bouts of MIAness (hey, I had a baby...yes that's how long this has been in the works...)
You can contact her at

Thursday, October 24, 2013

One Room Challenge...Week 4

Hi Everyone!
Today I'm linking up HERE for the One Room Challenge.
You can read about Week 1 HERE, Week 2 HERE, and Week 3 HERE.

I am super stoked to report that there was actual, real, tangible, progress this week!  
Even my four year old noticed and has requested to go see it because, "he likes what I did." 

I promise he's just buttering the bun...

Our camera is still missing, luckily I bought another point and shoot tonight, so please excuse the iphone pictures!  The project just couldn't wait...

Classic me, rushed this.  At first I couldn't find my spray adhesive so I opted for taping it.  Well, that just didn't lay right, so I went searching a little further and found my adhesive. That worked wonders for many reasons.  
I didn't have to actually go through the process of hanging wallpaper.
The adhesive is strong enough, yet gentle, so I could remove the strip and adjust a few times. 
 Besides having to cut it twice because the taped version did not work, I only had one potential snafu-I didn't realize I was stepping on a piece of wallpaper that had adhesive previously sprayed on it.  Because of all my standing on it, and all the extra weight I'm carrying around (lost another 1.5 this week!!!) when I went to take it off the floor, it was stuck.  So I wet it to loosen up the adhesive, but then when I was pulling it off-I realized there was now wallpaper paste on the hard wood floors! 
Cue panic-I quickly wiped it all up and all is well, not to worry!

Let's check the handy dandy list-

In no particular order, here's the run down:

The rug is still on backorder....but I did get the rug mat, oh well, at least it's something!
 My monogram has also yet to come. But when it does, we will be having a gold spray painting party in my backyard because the hooks are also getting spray painted.

The sheets and blanket have been bought-all in a standard light pink.
  I love this, but can't fathom spending $100+ on it, so trying to figure out if sprucing up the $27 crib blanket I got  by sewing on ruffled trim and finding an embroiderer would be a better option

The knob and accessory arrived from Anthropologie.  
I have also started collecting some random chatchkies from Target and Home Goods so I can just play around with things and return what doesn't work when it comes time to decorate the bookcase.  

I'm still working on finding a crate that has the correct dimensions-all of them are too large for the top of my dresser, so I'm hoping I can find someone who can custom make it!  How adorable is this though? 

Script Wood CRATE - Box, Wooden, Handle, Vintage

Too bad it's too big...major bummer.

I bought the pom poms to add to the lamp- unfortunately my math failed me and I don't think I bought enough...oh how I hate having to make multiple trips for something that should have been taken care of the first time!

My wallpaper is hopefully getting hung Sunday!  I seriously cannot wait.  

Now, what do I have left to do: 
I am going to Home Depot tomorrow to finally investigate the second focal wall-I will be so upset if I can't do this-I have my heart set on it! 
I am going to head on over to check out Annie Sloan chalk paints early next week and I am super stoked because they make it seem so easy to use!  I'm sure it's an illusion-it sucks you in and only when it's too late do you realize how hard it really is.  
I have to actually glue on the pom poms...
I have to buy whatever gold leaf paint so I can fancy up my night table. 
Oh, remove the door from the closet-did I mention it's a small room?  
The curtain rod has to be ordered.
The sconces and picture frames have to be hung, after appropriate painting takes place.  
I have to touch up the crib-but a non-broken fix it stick arrived, so yay! 

This is my last to do in question-the rest just has to be executed 

I need to figure out how to replace the closet door with some sort of drapery.  At first I was thinking a rod inside with a white shower curtain-however, I think the opening is too small for a shower curtain that it wouldn't hang nicely.  Now, I'm thinking a rod on the outside with maybe one curtain panel.  I'll have to play around with it this week.  

That is it y'all!  
Check back soon for more progress pics-hopefully a lot of tasks will get tackled this week! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sometimes, life throws you curveballs...

And those curve balls make you take a step back.
Make you re-evaluate your priorities.
Make you slow down.
Make you appreciate the real things in life.

It's not about money, being the best, or having the best, it's not about being skinny.
That's something that's been on my mind recently.

Sometimes, these curve balls help me think about what's really important.
I have the ability to provide food for my family.
To provide clothing.
We all have coats. 
We have heat and hot water. 
My kids are happy and get to enjoy the little things-like Mickey Mouse crackers for snack.  Or brussle sprouts for that matter.  

Friends, it's not always this easy.
It's not easy to find joy in paying your taxes.
Or paying your medical bills.
Or waking up and going to work. 

Let's all stop and think for a minute of all the things we complained about today.
I'll go first.
I woke up late.
I forgot my wallet, so I had to turn around, which made me late for work.
Because of where I parked, I couldn't access my trunk, which means I couldn't take my Diet Coke into work which I enjoy during 5th period while I do computer work.
I got a surprise e-mail which included the request to do an evaluation and a report on one of my students.  
I had to lesson plan for tomorrow's sessions.  
I had to drive, 30 minutes, get dinner from one of my favorite places, and attend a two hour class.
I got lost coming home.
I'm mentally exhausted.
I'm physically tired.  
I didn't exercise today.  
I haven't exercised in almost a week.

But you know what? 
I have three friends that have been diagnosed with cancer in the past few weeks. 
I'm sure they wouldn't mind having my kind of day.  
I'm sure they'd trade my credit card debt, and stress. 

I'm thankful for these reminders, because sometimes, even the smallest problems seem unbearable.  
And then I remind myself...
I have the ability take care of my family.
We're all healthy.
We're all happy...most of the time.

I'm asking that you please take a step back. 

I will be reminding myself of this very frequently.    

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Friday, October 18, 2013

One Room Challenge...Week 3

Oh thank the good Lord this week is over!
Being a single mommy is hard...
Just to clarify, I am not actually a single mommy, thank goodness-my husband had to work the night shift this week.
Dealing with all the crying, all the catastrophes, and the grocery shopping with three kiddos alone-holy goodness!
I should count my blessings though: there was no crying, and the other shoppers and employees were thoroughly entertained...
I could have done without the rain while trying to make it back to my car, unload three kids and then the groceries...

Anyway, this week I'm linking up for the One Room Challenge HERE.
You can find week one HERE
And weeks two HERE

So, what am I up to, you ask?
Not too much.
The room looks exactly the same as it did three weeks ago.
And it's really frustrating and discouraging to see everyone else's  progress while I have literally accomplished nothing. 
However, two things need to be mentioned: I need to be easy on myself because I have a lot on my plate: not only was I essentially a single parent this entire week, I was booked solid during my afternoon free time every day, and I'm also planning for Moshe's 4th birthday party which is next week.  
BUT-everything is decided on, almost everything is bought, I just have to get around to actually doing it.  

I have included links for everything I can think of, just click!!!

What has been bought
Knob for end table 
Decoratives for the bookcase 
Wallpaper-for wall and bookcase 
Frames for room

Last week I was debating between these rugs

One person commented that this Overstock rug closest to the left was great.  Another person commented that the rug in the middle, from Overstock, screamed nursery.  Initially, I was going to do a beige/white shag rug. But when I consulted my incredibly fashionable friend, she said she loves geometrics mixed with florals-that I should try to find a rug that matched the blue in a geometric that became my mission.  Personally, I love the Restoration Hardware one, but it doesn't come in a small enough size-and let me say now, one HUGE plus of having small rooms, is not having to pay exorbitant prices for rugs!  So, I began my research.  I immediately removed the first Overstock rug from my search because it just did not match the blue.  Then I began looking into the second Overstock rug because it is a lot cheaper, and would work, however, all the reviews said this was more of an indoor/outdoor rug and was not comfortable to walk on.  So that was nixed.  So, I will be the proud owner of THIS Pottery Barn rug-when it arrives, BOO that it's on backorder until mid-November.  

Now, just to refresh your memory, here is my nursery inspiration


I have always loved the idea of initials over the  crib.  At first, I was hesitant to commit to it because my room is very small, so not only do I not have much wall space to break up, I also don't want to hide all this beautiful wallpaper!  I was reading my daily blogs when I came across THIS etsy site, and besides not being able to get over their prices, I loved the idea of a real monogram.  At first, I thought I would get a small one like this to rest in the bookcase 

 18 inch CIRCLE SCALLOPED BORDER Wooden Monogram Letters

but then I decided why not get a larger one and hang it over the crib. So I did. 
I haven't seen the final product, but so far the customer service has been great-they even e-mailed me this picture so I could see if it looked appropriate.  Here is an example of the size I ordered.  I will be spray painting it gold.

We all know that a creative and cheap quick fix to update any space or piece of furniture is changing the knobs.  At first I thought I would change all the knobs on the dresser and end table, but decided against it, with the help of my friend, because we have a lot going on already. So, I decided I would just change the knob on the end table for another pop of color.  


Speaking of the dresser, I decided a few things surrounding this area of the room.  I am going to hang the sconces because I have them from my first nursery and they were always my favorite part of the room.  They're white with crystals-matching, and girlie yet mature, oh, and don't forget  FREE!!!  I will be taking the gold sunburst mirror from my dining room and be hanging it over the dresser.  I never felt like it quite fit in the dining room anyway.  I am loving my new hunt for a dining room mirror.  Home Goods and I are becoming besties. 

I am going to house all of my diapering supplies in a wooden basket.  I just had an aha moment-I don't want wicker, I was looking for more of a wood basket, but couldn't find anything, but it just occurred to me, right now, that I don't want a basket, I want a crate.  Take a look at some of these finds from Etsy

Vintage Wood Crates - Farm Crates - Hundreds AvailableVintage Wood Crate. Pepsi Cola. Antique Wooden Crate. HandlesWine Crate / Wood Crate - Made of Reclaimed Wood 

I think the look I'm going for is a more natural wood, possibly white and antiqued, but definitely big enough to house all of my essentials-it might make more sense to have two.  

For lighting the room has a ceiling fan with a light. But I have a gorgeous hand crafted lamp that I happened to find at a boutique that matches my bedding exactly.  I initially was going to leave it on the dresser and just add pink mini pom poms, but because  I am going to add the sconces I'm going to move it to the night stand and I will just have to use an extension cord to have it wrap around the entire room...oh well-totally unpractical, but totally worth it.  Here is another picture from the inspiration nursery

For hanging storage I have some hooks that have a crystal knob like thing-a-ma-jig that I'm going to spray paint gold. So there's my crystal tie in!  

What nursery would be complete without the precious newborn pictures, that I have yet to share??? 
I saw this tutorial and I knew it would be perfect, to again, bring out the color in the wallpaper.  Check it out...

 In this tutorial, a couple of things made me nervous-chalk paint, and antique wax.  But it looks beautiful.  Then, a few days later, I read this post at


She also used chalk paint.  

So I started researching-and then I realized, chalk paint is NOT the same as chalk board paint.  Ah then I started researching further and came across Annie Sloan You should check out her site, it will make you swoon and want to paint every.piece. of furniture you own!  Luckily there is a store not too far from me that is a retailer of these paints and I plan on taking in a swatch of the wallpaper so they can help me match for the blue so I can paint three frames to house those precious newborn pictures.  I will be following the tutorial I posted above from The Yellow Cape Cod

What's left
Focal wall 
End table 

I have to wallpaper. And truthfully, I'm dreading it.  I have admitted many a times that I severely lack patience.  Which means I'm prone to rushing and ruining. And I can't afford to ruin THIS wallpaper.  So, I'm going to wait for my gracious father in law to unpack some tools so he can do it!  

I was reading recently on Amy's blog, about how they went to a little shop and the bookcases were lined with beadboard wallpaper.  I thought that sounds like an awesome idea!  The bookcase we have is really plain, cheap and needs some sprucing up.  Again, because there's so much already going on, I figured this was a very subtle and easy way to create another layer of texture.  I bought THIS from Amazon.  I'm debating between spray adhesive or just plain taping it up. 

I have to order a rod for these Ikea curtains I have. People, they're $5 for two panels!!!

I'm leaning towards valence rod to go along with my white antiqued look.  

 Weathered Wood Ball Finials & Rod  

Now, I am still keeping that focal wall a secret.  For starters I have to research if I can even do it, and secondly, I just want to keep it a surprise.  

I have to buy regular, pink, sheets.  Nothing fancy.  My husband appreciates that!!! 

I want to follow this tutorial and add some gold to my night stand. 

 How to make a $100 IKEA Koppang nighstand look like a $2600 Layla Grace Grammercy chest

I also have to touch up my crib.  Boy did my boys do a number on that crib! And I guess three moves didn't help it out either.  I ordered my fix-it stick and touch up paint pen, only to have it arrive like this  

So, a new one is being sent out to me and soon I can tackle that project!  

Those are the major tasks I have left.  I've slowly been purchasing some frames and nick knacks to decorate the bookcase.  

The only thing I really have left to decide is what crib blanket I want. I just haven't found anything I like yet.  

Wow, what a long winded post, but hopefully NEXT time I'll actually have some progress pictures!  

Happy Weekend All!!!

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