Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sometimes, life throws you curveballs...

And those curve balls make you take a step back.
Make you re-evaluate your priorities.
Make you slow down.
Make you appreciate the real things in life.

It's not about money, being the best, or having the best, it's not about being skinny.
That's something that's been on my mind recently.

Sometimes, these curve balls help me think about what's really important.
I have the ability to provide food for my family.
To provide clothing.
We all have coats. 
We have heat and hot water. 
My kids are happy and get to enjoy the little things-like Mickey Mouse crackers for snack.  Or brussle sprouts for that matter.  

Friends, it's not always this easy.
It's not easy to find joy in paying your taxes.
Or paying your medical bills.
Or waking up and going to work. 

Let's all stop and think for a minute of all the things we complained about today.
I'll go first.
I woke up late.
I forgot my wallet, so I had to turn around, which made me late for work.
Because of where I parked, I couldn't access my trunk, which means I couldn't take my Diet Coke into work which I enjoy during 5th period while I do computer work.
I got a surprise e-mail which included the request to do an evaluation and a report on one of my students.  
I had to lesson plan for tomorrow's sessions.  
I had to drive, 30 minutes, get dinner from one of my favorite places, and attend a two hour class.
I got lost coming home.
I'm mentally exhausted.
I'm physically tired.  
I didn't exercise today.  
I haven't exercised in almost a week.

But you know what? 
I have three friends that have been diagnosed with cancer in the past few weeks. 
I'm sure they wouldn't mind having my kind of day.  
I'm sure they'd trade my credit card debt, and stress. 

I'm thankful for these reminders, because sometimes, even the smallest problems seem unbearable.  
And then I remind myself...
I have the ability take care of my family.
We're all healthy.
We're all happy...most of the time.

I'm asking that you please take a step back. 

I will be reminding myself of this very frequently.    

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