Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hannah turned 1 month old...

Just ignore that next week she'll be turning 2 months old...

 Hannah is having longer periods of sleep at night and into the morning.  However, she has yet to chill out during the day and requires almost constant holding.  At that point, I had yet to see how big she was getting and still saw my newborn Hannah.  In fact, I was still smushing her into newborn clothes.  Some fit, some didn't, but if it weren't for her onesies underneath, she def would have been wearing a crop top!  

Still newborn at this point, but I had been rotating a couple adorable 0-3 months summer outfits.  Because they were shorts and tank tops-you didn't notice they were a little big.  
I am obsessed with buying little girl clothes-I love Gap, Next Direct and Nordstrom 

Hannah eats about every two hours, unless at night.  So far, solely breast milk, but I hadn't gotten any pumping in...I went back to work with just a little more than one days supply.  
Talk about stressful-which isn't good for the milk production either!!!!

I am so happy that I went ahead and splurged on the $80 Mamaroo from Craigslist.  This is the first time I've had a baby in a two story house and have needed entertainment upstairs and downstairs.  We have a swing and bouncer downstairs and I loved the Mamaroo, but didn't want to drop $200 on an iffy purchase.  
Thank you Craigslist...
Hannah has taken a liking to the green soothie paci she got in the NICU.  And just FYI-the pink ones are not the same as the green ones-even though they look the same.
Hannah loves to nurse and co-sleep.  She settles right down at night.

Hannah hates her carseat.  She hates being left alone on the mat and in her swing.  
Hannah hates being changed, but once the clothes start coming back on she stops crying.  
Hannah hates having her nose and ears picked-say you have this addiction too???

 Special moments
Hannah has spent some quality time with her brothers hanging out on her mat and in our bed all cuddled up.  Every day her big brothers tell her all about their day.  

Hannah had her final blood draw and all levels came back normal-officially done with this NAIT business.  For now...

It was nice to have solid time with just the two of us.  There were many days spent at the computer  on-line shopping, but I knew those days would end.  

*I said I would update how my Monday was, but because of my self-imposed curfew, I wasn't able to spend time blogging.  I have woken up at 5 am two days in a row and exercised.  
I have also successfully done Weight Watchers for two days now also.  
Thursday is my weigh in day. I look forward to it weekly...

I will try to stock pile the posts so I can get caught up and blog in real time soon....

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