Friday, October 11, 2013

Two Weeks...

Not the Two Week Wait (TWW) so many of us know...
Two weeks being back to work full time. 

How's it going? Great!  
I'll tell you why-I've let go...

My house is still clean and there are no dirty dishes in the sink at night, but my expectations have altered.  

For starters I've accepted tasks and projects won't get done in one night.  
My dining room table is a hot mess of Amazon boxes, things waiting to be organized and gifts to send, old Amazon boxes in case of returns-when I eventually get around to said organization project...
And that's ok...things will get done on their own time.  

I've really been good at narrowing down my priorities at my two free points during the day: when I arrive home from work, and after dinner.
Facebook will wait-there are dishes, laundry and pump parts to take care of first.  
THEN I can sit down with my cup of coffee...
At night-when 10 o'clock rolls around, I call it quits.  
I'll tie up loose ends, frequently leave a ton of open windows on the computer as I'm currently researching items for Hannah's nursery, you can read about that HERE and will very shortly begin planning Moshe's birthday party.
But-it won't get done in one night.
One simple task at a time. 

It's been incredibly refreshing to go to sleep early enough that waking up between 5 and 5:30 feels ok to exercise.  And in a week and a half I've successfully lost a little more than 5lbs and that is motivation in and of itself to keep going!!!

Waking up early and exercising starts my day off strong!
It's good for me health wise, heck I have 35 more lbs to lose.
I am able to shower and spend the time I need in the morning tackling the necessary tasks.
Pack pump parts
Maybe throw in a load of laundry, spray a coat of spray paint, you know, no biggie...

The other big part is admitting defeat and waving the white flag.
I've hired cleaning help. 
I have extra babysitting to give me more quiet, uninterrupted time during the day.
Can you say coffee break!!! 
I will eventually use some of the time to add more exercise into my routine, but for now it's allowing me peace and quiet to wind down from the work day, as well as have a solid amount of time to take care of errands, phone calls, tasks, projects, nap-ok, I haven't altered my expectations that much...

All in all-returning to work has been much less stressful than I anticipated and has given me a routine which has eased my anxiety.
The truth is, I have a much better grasp on things now, two weeks back from maternity leave, than I did the entire last year!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

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