Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Moshe's 4th Birthday Party

Those who know me, know I love to throw a good party.

I don't consider myself a natural at being creative, pulling things together, coordinating all the details or having great ideas! Hey, that's what Pinterest is for!  You can follow me HERE

Almost a year ago, I came across this pin

I looked a little closer and this is what I found


How perfect!  
For those of you that know, you know we love donuts in our family!  

I did a search for more donut themed parties 

 so easy for a breakfast partyDoughnut birthday cake.

This party has been in the works for quite some time.
First things first-convert this Krispy Kreme party to a Dunkin Donuts party.
I knew The Paper Cupcake would get things rolling.

Check out this invitation she created for me

What was awesome about this party was that the prepared food wasn't terribly expensive, and what I could come up with to make myself, was rather easy.
The menu consisted of:
cream cheese
white fish spread
fruit salad 
chocolate milk
orange juice
milk & coffee 

It was simple, easy, tasty and a total crowd pleaser-and super cheap!  

Here's our set up

Yes, you know me too well-I bought THESE beverage containers specifically for the party. 
I know they'll get used again and looked at it as an investment!  

Of course, what party would be complete without a little DIYing pre-party?
I wanted a cute tiered tray.  I have one, but due to kosher restrictions, I couldn't use it for the dairy donuts.  
In comes Pinterest
So I bought some simple white plates from Target, and THIS and THIS to complete the project.
However, I got a little freaked out when I read the back of the glue and it said it has been found to cause cancer and to keep away from food.  
So, I opted to only glue the candle stick on the bottom the plate-where it would never come in contact with food, and then just stack them-which created the illusion of a tiered tray, and I can even store it as a tiered tray, but hopefully no one's health was compromised!  Phew!!!

I also loved the idea of taking the top portion of the invitation and making a banner, however the $50+ price tag had me running the other direction!  
So, I bought some poster board, and some adult markers-sharpies oh how I love  thee.... 
and I reminisced about my kindergarten days, thankful that I am now capable of coloring inside the lines.
I'm quite pleased with how it came out

This was my first party where I had to make sure there was  a craft for the kids-before, the kids have either been too young, or the party had religious significance so the party was more of just a get together with a little ceremony.  

Going along with the kitchen theme, I decided we would decorate chef hats and aprons.  
I ordered THESE and THESE from Amazon, and I found bright fabric markers on clearance at Target-score!

Thankfully I did not end up with a fabric markered couch, rug, floor or wall!  
And those markers promptly went into the trash once the party was over.  

All in all, a fun time was had by all-so they say.
I had tons of food left over, so my work enjoyed donuts and coffee Monday morning. 
I'm still enjoying some leftover coffee, which I was presently consuming until Dovy came over and asked me for some.

I'll leave you with this 
I'd say he enjoyed his big brother's birthday party!

Thanks to those who noticed the new blog layout-I love it.  I highly recommend Sweetie Baby's Designs.  Her prices are great, and she was an absolute pleasure to work with-accommodating and she put up with my bouts of MIAness (hey, I had a baby...yes that's how long this has been in the works...)
You can contact her at  leslieflambert@gmail.com

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  1. What a cute idea! I should totally do this one day--we LOVE donuts around here:)


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