Thursday, October 24, 2013

One Room Challenge...Week 4

Hi Everyone!
Today I'm linking up HERE for the One Room Challenge.
You can read about Week 1 HERE, Week 2 HERE, and Week 3 HERE.

I am super stoked to report that there was actual, real, tangible, progress this week!  
Even my four year old noticed and has requested to go see it because, "he likes what I did." 

I promise he's just buttering the bun...

Our camera is still missing, luckily I bought another point and shoot tonight, so please excuse the iphone pictures!  The project just couldn't wait...

Classic me, rushed this.  At first I couldn't find my spray adhesive so I opted for taping it.  Well, that just didn't lay right, so I went searching a little further and found my adhesive. That worked wonders for many reasons.  
I didn't have to actually go through the process of hanging wallpaper.
The adhesive is strong enough, yet gentle, so I could remove the strip and adjust a few times. 
 Besides having to cut it twice because the taped version did not work, I only had one potential snafu-I didn't realize I was stepping on a piece of wallpaper that had adhesive previously sprayed on it.  Because of all my standing on it, and all the extra weight I'm carrying around (lost another 1.5 this week!!!) when I went to take it off the floor, it was stuck.  So I wet it to loosen up the adhesive, but then when I was pulling it off-I realized there was now wallpaper paste on the hard wood floors! 
Cue panic-I quickly wiped it all up and all is well, not to worry!

Let's check the handy dandy list-

In no particular order, here's the run down:

The rug is still on backorder....but I did get the rug mat, oh well, at least it's something!
 My monogram has also yet to come. But when it does, we will be having a gold spray painting party in my backyard because the hooks are also getting spray painted.

The sheets and blanket have been bought-all in a standard light pink.
  I love this, but can't fathom spending $100+ on it, so trying to figure out if sprucing up the $27 crib blanket I got  by sewing on ruffled trim and finding an embroiderer would be a better option

The knob and accessory arrived from Anthropologie.  
I have also started collecting some random chatchkies from Target and Home Goods so I can just play around with things and return what doesn't work when it comes time to decorate the bookcase.  

I'm still working on finding a crate that has the correct dimensions-all of them are too large for the top of my dresser, so I'm hoping I can find someone who can custom make it!  How adorable is this though? 

Script Wood CRATE - Box, Wooden, Handle, Vintage

Too bad it's too big...major bummer.

I bought the pom poms to add to the lamp- unfortunately my math failed me and I don't think I bought enough...oh how I hate having to make multiple trips for something that should have been taken care of the first time!

My wallpaper is hopefully getting hung Sunday!  I seriously cannot wait.  

Now, what do I have left to do: 
I am going to Home Depot tomorrow to finally investigate the second focal wall-I will be so upset if I can't do this-I have my heart set on it! 
I am going to head on over to check out Annie Sloan chalk paints early next week and I am super stoked because they make it seem so easy to use!  I'm sure it's an illusion-it sucks you in and only when it's too late do you realize how hard it really is.  
I have to actually glue on the pom poms...
I have to buy whatever gold leaf paint so I can fancy up my night table. 
Oh, remove the door from the closet-did I mention it's a small room?  
The curtain rod has to be ordered.
The sconces and picture frames have to be hung, after appropriate painting takes place.  
I have to touch up the crib-but a non-broken fix it stick arrived, so yay! 

This is my last to do in question-the rest just has to be executed 

I need to figure out how to replace the closet door with some sort of drapery.  At first I was thinking a rod inside with a white shower curtain-however, I think the opening is too small for a shower curtain that it wouldn't hang nicely.  Now, I'm thinking a rod on the outside with maybe one curtain panel.  I'll have to play around with it this week.  

That is it y'all!  
Check back soon for more progress pics-hopefully a lot of tasks will get tackled this week! 


  1. Things are coming along - one step at a time! (Believe I know - this is the first week that I feel like I got anything done and there is so much left to do!) Hang in there - it'll get done!

  2. Glad to read that you just got another camera, that is what I would have done too. You give it a couple of weeks and then that's it. I have no idea about the curtain replacing the door. I'm sure there is an answer on Pinterest. Good luck, it sounds like it is coming along.

  3. You'll get it done! Can't wait to see it all put together!!

  4. If you use a nice enough rod, you can definitely hang it outside! Good luck!

  5. I say sew the ruffle on the blanket! I'm updating a cheap comforter, too.

    I think some people use tension rods for the closet curtains, but I don't think I could trust my kids with that, so I think a rod on the outside would be good.


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