Thursday, October 10, 2013

One Room Challenge-Week 2

I'm linking up today for the One Room Challenge. 
You can find the 70+ participants HERE

Today's topic is
What did you accomplish or learn?

First, let me show you a picture of the nursery, one week later 
That's last week's picture?  You're right...the room looks exactly the same as last week.
So there you have it for progress!!! 

But, there has been progress-except it's just in my mind. 
I've done some research, tried to mentally see the room with all the options, consulted with others on their opinions, and decided on not refinishing the rocking chair.  It was a craigslist find, with a supposed price tag of $1,000+, so I don't want to ruin it.  And, more on this later, I just don't have a vision for it.  
So, to make my life easier, it will stay as it is.  

Here are a few things I'm debating on:

 Brocade Single Sconce Aged White 
Sconces or no sconces? 

Here's what I've learned:
I'm not an interior designer!  I just don't see the space.  However, if I see or hear of an idea, I can see it in my room, but when it comes to actually decorating I have no idea what I'm doing.  
I went to Home Goods this week to look for items to outfit the bookshelf.  
I'll be honest, I want it to be used for anything but books!!! 
But I have no idea how to make it a decorative piece.  

And my other big downfall, is mixing and matching-which is huge these days!
The old me is all about matching.  
If my furniture is white, then everything else should be white-but definitely not an actual wood colored picture frame!  
Mixing of patterns? Absolutely not!!!  

With some coaxing I'm finally coming around to the simple idea that everything goes! No matter what-if there's meaning behind it, to me, it's ok!  
Everyone has their own style.  
 I'm also using the self-talk method as I try to convince myself to tackle the wall papering projects this week.  

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

I'm excited because things are starting to come together in my mind and I just have to pull the trigger on a few items and there are only a few projects that have to take place for this room to be complete.  We're not overhauling anything...

Projects for this week
Wallpaper main wall 
Spray paint hooks 

Things to order 
Curtain rod and finales 
Pom poms? 
Monogrammed initials

Things to research
Materials and tools for second focal wall
DIY painted picture frames

I'm excited to actually get moving on this.  I know that if I wait for someone to do a project for me, it won't get done in a reasonable time, and I would love to learn how to do things myself-and there's no better time than the present!  

So, here's to a week of completed tasks!!!!


  1. Bubbye (Shellie Rubin)October 10, 2013 at 8:42 PM

    I am glad you are not refinishing the glider with white. Over time I think it will get dirty (too quickly!) and then you won't be happy because parts of it will be cleaner/whiter than others. Sort of like my white tile flooring.

  2. Totally random, but I like the center overstock rug the best. No idea what else would be with it, but for some reason, it just feels like a 'nursery' rug. I'm doing a nursery for the ORC too, so I'll definitely be following along with yours! You can do it! It will be great!

    1. That's my second choice...but now I'm reconsidering's cheaper and not back ordered! I will be following your nursery make-over!

  3. I'm not an designer, either. I use Pinterest a lot for inspiration. You can do this! I love sconces if it works with your budget and room. Good luck.

    1. Hmm-you are making me reconsider the sconces-I already have 2 from my previous nurseries, so it would be FREE! That's the name of the game :)
      I think I'll save it for last and decide at the end....

  4. Hahaha! Don't worry about it, you've got time, coming up with the idea is what's difficult and it seems you've pretty much conquered that part already! Good luck!

  5. I have the rug second-from-the-left. It's thick and soft! And it is in a yellow room.


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