Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Like an hourglass...

No, I'm not talking about my figure...at least not yet anyway.

I'm talking about time...it's slipping by.

This week is one of those weeks-every free minute is scheduled, and even those things that don't actually fit in anywhere, are supposed to.  

Looming "deadlines" shall we say.  
Not for work, but for birthday parties, e-mails, phone calls, and some charity.

I have plenty I need to do, and more I want to say, but that will have to wait.  

Free time is sparse this week; my husband is busy saving lives as he works overnight this week at the hospital.  

So, instead of focusing on the annoying things this week-I'll take comfort in my new motto
it'll all get done

And anyway, what could be so bad about spending my nights like this

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