Monday, August 18, 2014

Let's talk Hair

Today we're talking hair..specifically morning hair.
It can be a scary sight sometimes...most times.  

Many of you know that I wear a wig for religious reasons, so fortunately I don't have to worry too much about morning hair; which is a huge blessing because I am majorly hair impaired.  
However, I did go 20 years of not wearing a wig, and yes, I suffered through some really terrible hair dos.  I mean, when you're own father tells you you look like you came out of the washing machine, there's an issue.  

Fortunately for you, the two products, yes-there's only two, that I swear by, have been used by me for years.  As a consumer, nothing makes me happier when I get real reviews by someone who isn't just jumping on a product bandwagon.  

When you first wake up with that oh so lovely hair-you have to brush it, which usually leaves you looking worse than before, if that's even possible.  
I have wavy/curly hair and after running a brush through my hair, it's like a lion's mane.  

So what's my #1 product?
Total Results Total Results Pro Solutionist Instacure Leave-in Treatment Spray, 16.9 Ounce

This product was introduced to me by my hairstylist years ago.  
Smooths cuticle damage, helps repair overporeus hair.  Oil-free formula leaves hair instantly shinier, livelier, without adding weight. Tames unruly hair, eliminates static and frizzies.  Thermal protectant. 

Alright, so you wake up in the morning, and spray a little of this in your hair. Not only is it a detangler, it helps repair broken and damaged hair.  Plus, since you're adding a liquid to your hair, that alone instantly helps quiet down the morning frizz.  A major bonus-the fact that this is also a heat protectant.  Most of us will use some sort of heated tool on our lovely locks.
So many aspects of hair care are taken care of with this one product.
To all my fellow wig waring ladies-this is totally wigs safe-in fact I usually give it as a gift to my newly married friends because knots and frizz are a major part of wearing a wig.

Onto my #2 product
Product Details 
This product has also been sitting on my shelf for years-such a small amount goes such a long way!
I use this to complete my look.
After straightening, curling, or drying, you're bound to have some fly aways!
This product is awesome for helping to smooth those out.  
Just put a little into your hand and rub your hands or fingertips together and just smooth over your hair.  
Morroncan Oil has a unique quality of instant absorption into hair creating an instant shine and long term conditioning without leaving residue.

When I was younger, before my wig wearing days commenced, I loved to do a "sleep in style."  
It guaranteed more sleep, and who doesn't love that.
Plus, you reap the benefits of no-heat styling which is always a plus.
Here are some new "sleep in style" options

    diy no heat curls hairstyle 

What are your favorite hair products and sleepy styles?

*This post was inspired by Casper Sleep.  You can check them our HERE
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