Monday, June 20, 2016

An Update...

Holidays, end of the school year rush, a key note address, and life all got in the way of me updating on the miscarriage.  

On June 6 I called to let my doctor know that I didn't think the pills he had given me all.  He told me to expect a heavy period, and I had hardly any bleeding.  The pills are specifically meant to cause contractions, and I had hardly a single cramp.
So they told me to come in the next day.

On June 7 I went in, and at first, my doctor tried to reassure me that because I did have bleeding, the tissue probably did come out.  I explained that we must not be on the same page if he thinks the little bleeding I did have was the heavy period he told me I'd have.  He was going to do an ultrasound anyway, and again, by the look on his face I knew! And then he said, the customer is always right! 
Confirmation-the tissue still remained.  

On Thursday June 9, I went in to have the tissue removed.  It was done like an endometrial biopsy-so through the cervix into the uterus, the tissue was suctioned out.  It was painless, but let me explain.  Once the cervix dilates for childbirth, the pain of going into the uterus goes away. Before, when I had my first endometrial biopsy, I about flew off the table.  Thankfully, considering it was enough tissue he had to go in twice, I didn't feel more than the speculum.  All physical evidence of the pregnancy was removed then, but I'm going on my 4th post-miscarriage blood test to monitor my dropping HCG levels.  

For all these weeks I've been tired, had food aversions, and of course cravings. And I couldn't understand why I wasn't back to my normal self, and then it dawned on me.  I still had high enough hormone levels to be considered pregnant, so even though I technically wasn't, my body was still in procession of enough pregnancy hormone to get a positive pregnancy test-which explained all the remaining pregnancy symptoms.  Just this past week did I return to eating normal foods, with some minor aversions.  I'm still very tired, and find myself unable to get up as early in the mornings as before, but I'm working on changing that.  

I return for another blood test on Thursday, which should be my last post-miscarriage blood test.  
I began birth control in preparation for the next transfer (date TBD), so I'm essentially being double monitored and while I'm getting over the loss, I'm also gearing up for another cycle, which has definitely made all of this easier.  

I'm just so thankful I can move right along.  We have to see how things progress on the hormone front to know when the soonest a transfer will be reasonable, right now it's up in the air.  

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