Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Another Organizational Project

Costumes weren't the only thing getting re-organized around here!  Megan recently re-organized her spices, and she mentioned expiration dates, and it never really occurred to me that spices expired!  Imagine my shock and surprise when I discovered I had spices that expired in 2008! Holy Moly!  It was a little bittersweet of a moment for me, throwing out expired spices.  Back in 2007, my Bubby and Zayde gave me a pantry worth of spices as a sort of gag gift for my bridal shower.  However,  several of those spices went unopened, or were still not empty, but were long past their expiration date.  There were some moments of reflection, and reminders that my Zayde isn't kept only in those spices, he's kept inside of me, and it was ok to throw them away.   

What really excited me about this project was the uniformity that was created.  My spices are housed on my wall in a small wall-mounted rack.  I actually spray painted this one metallic to match the other decor, and I love the way it turned out many years ago!

But, because my spices were in their original containers, it just looked like a major eye sore.  So when Megan highlighted these small glass containers and chalk board labels, I knew it would create the uniformity I craved.  It also is nice to have the glass jar with an air tight seal.  So many of my spices didn't actually close and dust would build up along the edges, so I'm sure some of it would make it's way into our food here and there.  I just want to note that I was at IKEA yesterday, and they have their own glass spice jars! #winning 

Organized Spices 

Step #1 was to come up with a list of the typical, necessary kitchen spices.  Of course some exotic need might arise, and that's fine, I bought extra jars, or the less used spices can be kept in the closet.  Here is a list I compiled after doing a quick internet search, I've also added to the list other spices I had on hand that I would like to keep in my kitchen:

Bay Leaves           Black Pepper          Cayenne Pepper         Chili Powder              Cinnamon         Ground Cloves     Cloves                     Cumin                         Curry Powder            Cream of Tartar Ginger                  Salt                         Nutmeg                        Oregano                     Paprika                   Red Pepper          Rosemary               Sesame seeds               Thyme                         Allspice             Celery seed         Cinnamon Sticks     Poppy Seeds                Tumeric                      Basil 
Garlic                  Onion Powder        Minced Onion           Minced Garlic             Parsley Flakes Sweet Paprika      Mint                      Xnathum Gum           Ground Corrianer 

Thankfully I have a super willing husband who oh-so willingly cleaned all of these pesky jars and lids!  I used these chalk board pencils to label each jar, and then I filled away!

 Here's the thing, and this might not be the project for you of this bothers you: waste.  I don't have room to "prettify" my spices, but then have to store the remainder that doesn't fit.  This project made me realize that I definitely do not run through my spices, and it's probably better to buy smaller containers, but to throw out whatever is left over after filling the container because it won't be fresh anyway by the time I get around to using it.  My mom would not approve, but for me, having a nice organized space, far outweighs what others might view as practicality of saving the entire container of spices.  I also mentioned that I think it's much better to have the spices in a glass, sealed container.  

For now, I'm enjoying my newly organized spices!

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