Friday, July 11, 2014

5 on Friday

Another week down.  Sometimes I can't believe how fast it goes.
This week was just like any other week-work, gym, multiple errands, just tons to do.  
I stayed up until 2am every night this week, so it shouldn't be any surprise that my first 5 on Friday is coffee related.

This cold brew coffee concentrate from Trader Joe's  is awesome.  I was shocked!  First of all, it's price makes it worth it considering how much use you can get out of it.  It's half the price of what I was paying for a Box of Joe from DD.  Plus, it's just plain excellent-and you can make it as strong or as light as you want it.  

2.  Oregon Chai: Sugar Free Original Chai Tea Latte Liquid Concentrate : Product Code SUGARFREE-ORIGINAL 
A couple years back I was introduced to Starbuck's vanilla chai tea latte.  The problem is, it's rather pricey.  At some point, I discovered you could buy the chai tea latte concentrate, and the price of one box was the same cost as one drink.  I used that for awhile, but the problem is the regular chai tea latte concentrate adds a hefty calorie load once  you add in milk.  I had never heard of this brad, but when I was in a local coffee establishment in Columbus they used this brand of chai tea latte.  I didn't buy it there, but took a picture and kept it in mind.  Today, I saw Target carries the regular concentrate, so it reminded me to go home and promptly order the sugar free ones.  
Also interesting-the local coffee shop that was selling this, makes this as a blended drink, which I can't wait to try!

3.  One of my co-workers has a pool and has invited us for an afternoon of swimming.  The boys are thrilled and I decided we'll turn it into a whole day event and do a BBQ.  I just made myself at home!

4.  I recently discovered a blog that is written by a childhood acquaintance.  It's a healthy food blog-that's actually wholesome.  I tried two recipes from her for this weekend.  Roasted eggplant with sauteed mushrooms and onions, and a zucchini bread.  Everything smelled delicious and was not hard at all to prepare, so I can't wait to report back on Monday how it was!

5. I'm in full party mode planning as Hannah and Dovy's birthdays are coming up.  I just ordered Hannah's birthday cake smash outfit.  I'll show you the ones I was debating between, but you'll have to wait to see the one I chose.

 All outfits can be found from Kutie Tuties on Etsy. 

Happy Weekend All

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  1. Bubbye would choose the outfit with the least clothing if you are going to let her "get into" it. love you all,



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