Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Squeezing it in...storage for small spaces

Not everyone knows what it's like to have to cram your entire life into a studio apartment, but I lived in one for two years!  
Then we made our way into a two bedroom apartment, and most recently a three bedroom house.
Although this is New York people, it's small.  
If you're looking for fancy walk in closets and dreamy kitchens, you won't be seeing that here.  
I can show you the tiniest linen closet known to man, or the most wrinkled wardrobe ever-since two people shove their clothes into one small closet.  
So, it's no surprise that when it comes to all items baby, we just don't have room.  
Today I'm going to show you a few ways I made do with little space, but still managed to cram in all those baby "necessities." 

When Hannah was born, it was the first time I  had a baby while living in a multi-floor home; which meant I needed all the necessary items to be on each floor.  
With no room for any extra piece with storage, such as a pac 'n play, or a small changing table, I knew I had to get creative.  
So, what does every good organizer do?  They get baskets.  
I found cheap baskets that matched my decor at Michaels, and all I had to do was remove some books off of one shelf, and viola, I had my built in diaper changing station.  
Sure, that meant diaper changes took place on the floor or on the couch, but it's more comfortable than leaning over a changing table anyway.  

I also needed an additional diaper changing station upstairs.
If you've lost count, we're up to 3 diaper changing stations-which sounds totally unnecessary now that I'm thinking about it, but it was actually helpful.  
When Hannah was first born she slept in our room.  So even though her room was a mere few feet away, in the middle of the night, it was just too far.  
But alas, there was no room for an extra piece of furniture, and we didn't want to buy a pac n play with an attached changing table because we knew we would just not get the use out of it.  
So, I did some rearranging, created an acrylic tray to hold some pretties, and then transformed my dresser into Hannah's second diaper changing station.  
Again, I chose a basket that would match my decor to house most of the items, but I also added a nice silver tray from Target to hold some baby pretties.  

  Lastly, I needed a place to store all of those pump parts and bottles.  
I've had a few of the traditional drying/storage items, but they were never big enough.
I had enough pump parts to last me at least 5 complete pumping sessions.
That's a lot of parts to dry!  
Plus all the baby's bottles from the day.
With a major lack in pantry space and actual cabinets, I needed counter top storage.  
So, when I couldn't find anything that matched my decor, I improvised.
Spray paint!!!
I found a stacked metal "drawer" like contraption at The Container Store.  It was definitely big enough, but just not the right finish.  
So I sprayed it.  
This was the perfect piece-you're able to utilize height to store more and save on counter space, but both drawers also pull all the way out so you don't have to blindly reach for whatever it is you're looking for. 

What are some of your small space storage ideas?

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