Tuesday, July 15, 2014

DIY Manicure

It wasn't until I came to NYC and fell in love with the $5 manicure that I realized why everyone loves manis.  
For me, my nails can make or break my day.
Call me superficial, but nice looking nails definitely are the final touch on looking put together.
A bad habit I have is picking at my nails, and having polished nails stops me from picking them. 
If I go to work with unpolished nails, or chipping nail polish, I know I'm setting myself up for a day of nail picking, nail breaking, and nail biting.

Manicures can be expensive, and it becomes another task to take care of-and I definitely don't have time for another task!
Plus, since I've gotten decent at painting my nails, I realized that I don't need to always be getting my nails done.  
And it seems that no matter what, that mani chips almost instantly, so is it really worth it if you can do it yourself?  

I found a great youtube video that teachers the "three swipe" method.  The first time I tried this, it worked like a charm! 

The other great thing about doing your own manicure is that it's an excuse to buy nail polish-it pays for itself in one use! 

Manicure Products 
Acetone nail polish remover 
Crystal nail file 
Choice of nail polish color 

I wouldn't necessarily call the Sally Hansen product a "remover" but it definitely helped the cuticles be pushed back.
The Chip Skip base coat had good reviews, so I went with it.  I like it because it is fast drying and doesn't go on like a coat of nail polish so you can quickly put the real polish on top.
But, the Seche Vite takes the cake!!!  I was first let in on this secret a couple of weeks ago-this is a game changer.  I was using Qutica fast drying drops but for a quarter of the price, you get a much better product.  Seche Vite is an actual top coat polish as oppose to the Qutica drops-so no dripping of an oily substance.  And I can't tell you how many times my nails were "dry" after the Qutica fast drying drops, only to wake up with the sheets imprinted on my nails-now that is a real bummer.  That will not be happening anymore-this product is the be all end all!  

Doing my own manicures has made me a little nail polish obsessed, I'm constantly buying new colors-new seasons, new accent colors, you name it.
So let's take a look:
Essie summer colors

 Essie Summer 2014 ✅ #essienails #essie @essiepolish 

OPI summer colors 

I happen to prefer the texture of OPI nail polish, but I am drawn to Essie colors.
I have plenty of both!  
And when you do your own manicures, you can change the color as often as you'd like!

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