Thursday, July 3, 2014

I have my eye on you...

I've always been into shopping, but it wasn't usually something I did regularly.
Having kids has definitely changed that-there's always something I need to buy for the kids, which causes me to do a lot of unnecessary shopping.  
One thing I've learned over the years is that there is absolutely no reason to buy on sale.
Unless there is a reason.
Of course, I'm totally guilty of buying that must have item on sale, but when I go all crazy over the new items, I remind myself that very shortly they will be on sale and most likely I'll be able to snatch whatever it is then.

On my most recent shopping trip-to return some items to Nordstrom (a pair of jelly sandals that gave me terrible blisters within 30 minutes of wearing them, and a girdle that didn't do me any favors), I wandered into a few of my favorite shops.

Of course GAP was having an extra 40% off most items, so I stocked up on some staples for Hannah for next year, as well as completed her 4th of July outift (look for that tomorrow!)
Speaking of sale, GAP is currently offering 25% off at checkout, but they're having their summer blowout up to 60% off!!! 
See, no reason to buy full price.  

But I have two really guilty pleasures.
Need I say more?  

Of course I scored a couple great sale items at Anthropologie, it's almost impossible to walk out of there empty handed.
Just a headband?
A hair tie?

Here are some items I have my eye on, and can't wait for them to go on sale.

What are your favorite stores to wait for fabulous items to go on sale?

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