Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Munchies...

With the scorching summer temperatures, I think we can all appreciate a nice cool treat.
And a pool-but I don't see much of that, thanks to working summer school.
And the fact that I don't have a pool, but that's a minor detail.

As much as I love icecream, besides being bad for the diet, it's not so friendly to the wallet either.  
Plus,  my kids indulge enough as it is, they don't need any extra treats enticing them around the house.
That's why making your own popsicles are the perfect answer!
You can control you own ingredients and it's much more cost effective.  
I had forgotten all about the novelty that is homemade popsicles until I saw a small article giving healthy versions in the most recent edition of Shape Magazine. 

There are all sorts of variations.


Fruit and Yogurt 


And you don't even need popsicle molds

Want to sneak some veggies in?

Now I really don't have any excuses! I better get to adding these ingredients to my grocery list.
What kind of popsicle is your ideal at-home treat?

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