Friday, May 30, 2014

They say it happens in threes...

Gut-wrenching loss. 
Someone I grew up with.

She leaves behind a daughter, a husband and  stepchildren. 
I am just heartbroken.

She was not someone I was close to.
Just someone I shared many years with in school.
We never stayed in contact, yet I would check in on her via Facebook and admire her perseverance and grace.
How she handled the challenges she was dealt with such beauty.  

The Facebook messages, and the close to 400 people who are members of a special group, are a true testament to who Miranda really was. 

This is a message from her stepson

I loved you to the farthest extent that I could give, even though it was in the 8 months that I knew you, I loved you from the moment that you walked into those doors and was so excited that you joined our family. You made my dad the happiest man in the world and you were the most caring person I've ever met, I'll love you for all eternity. You'll make the greatest angel up in heaven. R.I.P you will be missed

Her stepdaughter 

Dearest Miranda,
You will make a gorgeous angel. You have left such an influence in my life. I am going to have a hard time healing from the loss of your bright contagious smile that you always shared and your tender golden heart. I love you 

Sometimes, there are no answers and no words. 
Just tears. 

From a high school acquaintance
Just take a moment to reflect on the incredible impact this one person has had on all of our lives through the years. Not just best friends but classmates, strangers, acquaintances.. everyone she touched. This angel earned her wings years ago, and the world would be a much better place if we treated each other with the kindness and love she showed all of us. She's hanging out with God now, and how totally cool is that.
 And that, is totally true.
May all of Miranda's family and friends find comfort and peace as they travel this unknown path.  

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