Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What (was) Inside my Pump Bag


I've always been one of those overly prepared type of people.
People know they can count on me to the most random of things in my bag.
Heck, it's practically a suitcase what I carry around with me.
More on that later...

So it's no surprise my pump bag would be filled with goodies. 

What's inside my pump bag

The obvious here is the pump itself.  I have used the Medela Pump In-Style Advanced and the Medela Pump In-Style Hands Free. Both have pros and cons, but overall, I prefer the Pump In-Style Advanced. 

I make sure to have enough of the pumping parts for both sides, for every pumping session I will do that day.  That way, I don't have to worry about spending time washing the parts, or even finding a way to accomplish that.  I frequently would pump in my car, or in the bathroom, or in an office or classroom, so a sink was not always readily available. 

I would have never survived pumping without the hands free pumping bra.  Make sure to go down a size to give you proper support so you can really be hands free!  This has allowed me to do some serious multitasking.  Like eating lunch while pumping, making phone calls or doing computer work.  It's a little bit awkward at first when people hear about it, but totally worth it.  Although I have one tip-because it zips in front and then falls off in the back, I've forgotten about it by the time I've completed getting dressed.  I've wandered around school with it hanging out of my top, and even dropped it in mud puddles while getting out of my car!

Once I got comfortable with nursing and pumping, I became very anti-covering up while nursing. It just made for an uncomfortable baby, which then made for a very uncomfortable mommy.  Pumping isn't as bad as actual breastfeeding, but it makes it challenging to see what is going on and adjust accordingly.  But, because I don't have my own office, or even a private place to pump, a cover-up  was a total necessity.  Good thing too, can't tell you the number of times male co workers have walked in on me, or students for that matter.  It makes for a much more embarrassing experience for them than me.

Even though I pump into the bottles and carry the tops for them, I kept the milk freezing baggies with me because there have been a couple times I forgot the lids at home.  I would have either needed to find a refrigerator to store it in, or dump it.  Thankfully I just put it into the bag and that could go into the icepack container.

Of course you always need the lansinoh nipple cream and hand sanitizer.  Always a good idea!

And last but not least, what's not shown is: my adapter to allow for non-battery pumping, which is great because this thing sucks battery life!  And my costco size container of batteries!

Am I missing anything? 

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