Thursday, May 12, 2016

Something's Growing...

I can't believe tomorrow's Friday! As usual, the week just flew by, and I am struggling to keep my head above water.  We've had plenty of evening activities, and I didn't make it to bed before midnight any night-and last night was past 1am. I had to take off my gel manicure, and that took me about two hours.  Please remind me not to do that again! It lasted perfectly, but there is just not enough time to guarantee I can make it back to take it off!   

Speaking of nail polish, I'm loving the new OPI Hello Kitty Collection.  I already bought two shades: 

 Image result for let's be friends opi This shade is called Let's be friends and it is truly pink and opaque!  It reminds me of Fiji, but just a better texture making it an easier application.  I love love love it!  

And of course, because who can stay away from glitter, I also bought, from the same collection, 

Image result for charmmy and sugar opi  This is called Charmmy and sugar.  I haven't tried it yet, but my obsession with glitter continues, so I'll have to try it next.  Maybe I'll move the Let's be friends to my toes.  

Anyway, the real reason why you came here...I had my second beta HCG (pregnancy hormone) blood test on  Tuesday morning.  My estrogen came in around 175, progesterone was 13, and my HCG was 424 which they said was perfect. Today, I went back for another blood draw.  Feeling a lot better after the last blood draw, my heart sank when I got a phone call so early in the afternoon from my doctor's office.  Thankfully, I was greeted with a chirpy nurse who told me my HCG was up beyond 1100, my progesterone climbed to 19, and my estrogen was also close to 500.  Talk about panic!  

I still have yet to sit down and write my thoughts on this pregnancy, and I will try to do that tomorrow, so you can have some insight into what's going on in my head. But, until then, things seem to be moving right along.  I am continuing all medications, nothing has been reduced-estrogen, progesterone in oil (injection) and a progesterone suppository.  I go back on Monday for my first ultrasound...alone.  I think I'm ok with that, but I don't have a choice.  

I hope everyone has had a great week! 

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