Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Bathroom update...

As you may recall, I came across a few Pins on Pinterest that made me go into nesting mode a tad early...


I also professed my love about my shower curtain...take a look at her

I just think she's beautiful. So far, in our five and a half years of marriage, we've lived in four places, and she has been the perfect touch.  Because of where we live, every living option is older, so she totally updates the space and I can honestly say, every bathroom, no matter how old and grungy, has become a comfortable  and stylish place in the house.

Here's my final update of the bathroom

Overall, I'm super happy.
Not only is it stylish, but the main goal of creating more storage was accomplished!
We are severely lacking closet space, so to get towels out of the linen closet is a big deal.

But, if you remember, I have a little issue with patience.
Haste makes waste as my husband says.
I was so excited about this project that I didn't shop around for the shelves, and Home Depot had a very limited selection in their store.  So, these shelves, I believe, have a depth between 9-10 inches.
It's working ok, but because we use bath sheets as oppose to regular towels, the towels are a little too big.
This is a better option because it gives you at least another inch of depth.
I love me some Ikea...

Otherwise, I'm thrilled with how it turned out!

Shower curtain-Bed Bath and Beyond
Hutch- Bed Bath and Beyond
Shelves- Home Depot
Baskets- Home Goods
Plastic Jars- The Container Store
Hand Towel- Threshold line at Target 
Tutorial for gold tray here 

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  1. Very beautiful! We're renovating our downstairs bathroom and so close to being done (like it was entirely gutted and we even replaced the outside wall of the house because there was a shower in there and they didn't use Greenrock so the wall got damaged really bad). And then we're painting our upstairs bathroom. There's some renovation I want to do up there but one thing at a time... LOL!


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