Tuesday, June 25, 2013

On the move...

Move #5 that is...in almost 6 years...
Stop the madness!

Things didn't work out at our current place and we are prepping for a move a few weeks pre-baby.  
Deep breaths....things will work out.

Just as I was finishing up spaces here, I have to start all over.
Fortunately, the place we're hopeful for is basically an identical layout to our current place, so I can just transpose what I've done here.  
Unfortunately, the kitchen is from the 1950s, oh, and so is the bathroom.  
It didn't help when my husband said, so it'll take you another year to get settled...
But then I realized, I'll take you all along for the journey as we settle into a space that isn't technically ours, and work with the 1950s kitchen and bathroom to the best of our abilities and budget.

Here are some current Pins

Navy love~ living room Vanessa De Vargas / Turquoise L.A.

Office space in kitchen.  :-)

You can follow my On the move board on Pinterest HERE 
to see what I am dreaming of for our next space!

I will be moving pins from our last move onto that board, as some spaces will be kept the same.  

Now, if there are any handymen reading, HELP!

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