Tuesday, June 11, 2013

100th post! And summer nights call for....ICE CREAM!

As requested by none other than my almost 2 year old.
"Mommy, I want ice cream." 

Ok, does anyone else want to make ice cream one word?  Because I swear it's meant to be one word...

It's June 11, and just last week the winter clothes were actually packed away.  I jumped the gun and brought them out when we got a taste of summer awhile back, but the bins have just been taking up space. 
Truth is, they're still taking up space, just in the hallway.

I digress-it's officially summer, and that means icecream! 
See, it looks much better that way...

We have a few options when it comes to ice cream:
The local grocery store, buying what's on sale
Carvel-yummy soft serve 
Mister Softee-yummier softserve, which drives down our street every night around 8:45
Ritas-need I say more?!?

Bottom line is, it's easy to throw the kids in the stroller, and walk a few blocks to buy the weekly sale ice cream!  

I guess being pregnant in the summer does have it's perks!

Can you tell which one's mine?

What screams summer to you?

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