Friday, June 28, 2013

Spring Fever Vox Box

I get so giddy when I'm notified about a new Vox Box that might potentially be on it's way to me!
This is my third to date, and I have so much fun finding new products and giving my honest feedback.  
It's so interesting how so many different opinions can stem from one product!

In my Spring Vox Box I received the following items:

This was the only product I received that I used daily.  I left it out on my dresser, and it became my daily deodorant.  Thank goodness for the antiperspirant and odor blocker because my office was lacking air conditioning in this 90+ degree weather!  We all know how annoying white deodorant lines can be on clothing-but there was none of that to be had!  I even rubbed a pair of black shorts on my pits just to sure...The only negative I encountered was that after I had shaved, it burned a little.  But, all in all, excellent product, and it's on par with any other specialty deodorant at $4.95.  

Disclaimer: that's actually not my VoxBox, rather I found it on Google Images.  Anywhoo-it wasn't until I went to fill out the survey and write this that I realized I have not seen this around for awhile.  You know what that means?  It means my boys loved it so much, they hijacked my "lipstick."  But from what I do remember, it was not drying-which is my biggest pet peeve.  Seriously-I don't wear anything on my lips, ever, because I find it too drying. Also, it's color was just right.  Not nothing, but definitely not too much.

First of all, how cute is the packaging?  Now, these are not for me.  I give myself a manicure once a week, which is free.  I can't justify needing to continually purchase new press-on nails.  However, I will say, one of my co-workers said that for the past few months she has been using these instead of getting the gel-manicure (which runs close to $30) and she said these last about three weeks-3 WEEKS!!!???!!! I remember back in middle school/high school wanting longer nails and just buying some nail glue and a box of fake nails.  I was lucky if those could last a day holding up to the regular wear and tear! And these last 3 weeks? With no glue, just adhesive?  It's almost enough to get me to purchase some and really try it out.  

Again, being really honest-because I wear a wig (bet some of you didn't know that...) I don't do my real hair.  I wear a wig for religious reasons and it's just me, I don't do my hair.  I wear my wig everyday, I usually wear it in the house, so as long as the wig looks nice. And, truthfully, hair was just never my thing. I am truly terrible at it-so I wasn't interested in playing with my own hair, and I definitely wasn't interested in using it in my wig for fear of messing something up!  I did send this product to a fellow VoxBoxer and I'm waiting for her reviews on the product.  

Unfortunately, these were enjoyed more by my children than myself.  As I opened the VoxBox, I was so excited to see something edible that was a long the lines of junk! Apparently they were just as thrilled because I was promptly instructed to share.  I would have preferred the peanut butter version, but I love the chocolate coating the light and fluffy cake on the inside.  What a perfect combo!  

So, there ya go-my Spring Vox Box review.

I received all products complimentary from Vox Box in exchange for my honest reviews of each product. 

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