Sunday, June 2, 2013

What I've been up to...

Phew...with this, one of the craziest weeks to date has come to an end.  However, there doesn't seem to be an end in sight!
And I want to add that I learned that iphone pictures just don't cut it for blogging purposes...

Let's recap shall we:
Monday was Memorial Day-we had no festivities planned...actually, it was way less than festive.  My hubby was on-call until 5pm.  Because it was a national holiday, my babysitter was off. So, I spent the time hanging out with the boys, running errands and eating icecream!

Tuesday we had a school dinner.  It's a mandatory way for the school to make money.  When we signed up, we found out that the school dinner requires a minimum of a $400 commitment.  I was fortunate enough to have been able to fund raise all that and more!  Bonus-2 dinner tickets were included.  We didn't have to attend, but how often do we get a nice, free, dinner?!? Plus, it was the perfect excuse for a new dress :) 
My dad also came in late that night in anticipation of his upcoming award ceremonies in honor of his first book!

This dress is GAP Maternity, bought ON SALE for $14!  I bought the trimming and had that added in. I have a wedding tomorrow night, I'll be sure to get some pictures in it!

Wednesday was the award ceremonies; another excuse to buy a new dress! I rushed home from school, and we were out the door on our way at 3:45.  My father attended the first ceremony himself, while I enjoyed a nice, gourmet, peaceful meal.
My brother, his girlfriend and I met up and headed to the next ceremony.    There was an open bar, so I enjoyed an unlimited supply of Shirley Temples! 
And then my father treated us ladies to some Mister Softee-made my week!

UPDATED with picture:

Thursday my father and I had important business to attend to (that news will be coming in the future weeks) and we had to rush back to head out for dinner.  Another night on the town! 

Friday brought another round of treatment.  The weeks fly by, yet crawl at the same time.  It felt like forever since my last treatment, yet, the week went by so quickly!  This time the IV was the worst part and everything quickly went south.  The nurse was great and put my feet up, brought me ginger ale, cookies, and ice to help ease the soreness of the IV sight.  The treatment itself was about three and a half hours.  Other than feeling hot and antsy, it was fine! My husband was able to join me for the last hour, and bring my car down from the top level of the garage so I didn't have to walk up the four flights of stairs.  Want to know what's even better?  They gave me parking passes to pay for my parking!

So there ya have it!  This week will hopefully be back to a regular week of blogging...although busy none the less, my evenings won't be taken up by late night chats with my father and hubby.  

I'll be back soon with an announcement of the winner of The Paper Cupcake giveaway!  

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