Thursday, May 9, 2013

First it was the chalkboard paint...

And now it's spray paint!!!

I haven't shared much about our living space; mainly because it's not that much to see.  It's an old house that we're renting that isn't quite up to speed.  But we've been here almost a year, and I'm finally getting some of those smaller, finishing touches done that seem to make all the difference! 

One of those rooms that is slowly coming together is the dining room.  
First it was overtaken with furniture until the garage was cleaned out.
Then the blinds and drapes had to be hung.
Then the extra things for the garage piled up again when we discovered the garage leaked and we had to rearrange that. 
And now-there are a few finishing touches that will actually take some man power.  Hopefully over the summer when my parents come to visit we can paint the amazing Craigslist find.  
The paint in the room is perfect, you'll see eventually!
And of course, it's easy to plan-and hard to put into action.  
It didn't take me long to decide on an accent color.  
It just kinda hit me-I had a gold picture frame that holds a picture of the hubs and I from our first year of marriage, and I have these awesomely ginormous candles in gold stands from my parents' house that I took when we both moved the week after my wedding...
So gold it is!  

Now all I needed was a gold picture frame and a gold decorative bowl for the middle of the table.  
After many trips to Home Goods-which has it's pros and cons-it's almost impossible to walk out of there empty handed, I found that perfect bowl!  
Never quite found the perfect frame-until it dawned on me...

I'll buy a cheap frame and spray paint it!!! 

Spray paint is all over Pinterest and I've been very hesitant to jump on that band wagon because spray painting things just seems too permanent.  
So although I have yet to spray paint as a way to re-purpose, it definitely helps to know that I can just buy any item and make it what I want-hello clearance section!  

I bought the Rustoleum Gold Metallic Spray paint-it's around $8 a can.  
I spray painted a picture frame and a correl $6 mini tray for the new and exciting updated bathroom (post to come!!!) to house the mini water cups I have for the boys.

Eyeing any spray painting projects?!?  I'm totally addicted!!!  

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