Friday, May 3, 2013

An update on the babes...

This morning, after a one and a half hour wait, we finally got another look at baby #3.  The baby was breech, so the doctor couldn't get all the looks he wanted, but it was quite comical to watch him try to get what he needed.  Although, ideally, an internal ultrasound would be best, images from the belly still give us an idea. However, this baby had other ideas.  He had to chase this baby!  As soon as he would see what he wanted, off baby went...over, and over, and over!  
It was adorbs...

So, the clot got smaller!!!  There is no new bleeding!!!  Everything has continued to develop as normal!!!  Although he couldn't see up close and personal, he thinks everything is just fine.  However, he still wants the Hubs and I to be tested for a genetic disease called Neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia (NIAT).  Basically, and excuse me if my medical jargon is wrong, both mother and father produce antigens.  If the ones produced by the father are different from the mother, my body attacks it.  Which then means the platelets of the baby are getting attacked = anemia for the baby.  
We do not think this is what it is, but we committed to the holy expensive testing anyway.  
The doctors do not think this is what the baby has because if the baby was anemic, the bleed most likely would not have gotten smaller, and/or new bleeds would have developed.  However, there is treatment for this disease-particularly invasive treatment-neonatal platelet transfusions, done like an amniocentesis-with the same risk, but still treatment nonetheless, so we figured it would be wrong of us to ignore potentially necessary treatment, as oppose to this just being a general FYI.  

Additionally, the doctor did say that a bleed isn't super common, but it's common enough that we might just have to accept that it just happened because it happened.  

The plan for now is to wait the 1-4 weeks for the genetic testing to come back.  After that we'll obviously have to re-evaluate if this comes back positive.  However, in the meantime, I have a scheduled OB appointment May 20, and I will see the high-risk doctor again on June 7 so he can take additional looks at the baby's brain.  Around 28-30 weeks, the grooves of the brain begin to develop (right now it's a smooth surface), so he wants to just make sure those are developing normally.  
And hopefully this baby will cooperate, and we'll get to do an internal ultrasound...

For now, I'm so thankful for the great news.
I knew the bird pooping on my forehead this week was a good sign :)     


  1. knew the bird pooping on my forehead this week was a good sign :)

    Wish I'd seen that!!~!!!!!

  2. Good to get that checked out just to be sure but I feel your little one is going to be just fantastic!

    1. I'm starting to feel much better myself, thankfully! Now, once I make it to 30 weeks I'll really feel much better, but that's a general pregnancy fear for are you hanging in?!?


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