Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ivory 2-in-1

Influenster sent me a complimentary full size sample of the Ivory 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash in exchange for my honest opinion-so I won't go all car salesman on offense...

Ivory Refreshing 2-In-1 Hair & Body Wash
To sum it up-it's great-for being free!  But I won't be buying this anytime soon.  

Let me explain-
Has a nice, gentle scent
Can be used for men and/or women
Has a good lather
Feels so fresh and so clean clean
Contains about 1/3 more product than a regular body wash

Does not condition the hair enough-even though it says "with conditioners"
Costs almost $5 a bottle

Ok, so it seems that there are a lot more pros than cons.  
Here's what it is: I'm just not really a fan of 2 in 1s.  
Initially, I kinda assumed my hair should feel conditioned, but then someone pointed out to me that it isn't a 2 in 1 for hair, or a 3 in 1 for that matter, it's a 2 in 1 for the body.

Hmm...good point; I was asking too much for this to make me squeaky clean and leave my hair smooth as a baby's bottom.

Enter in the cost factor.
I buy the cheapo shampoo, the V05, when it's, like super .75
I also am not picky on my body wash, so for instance, on Suave Naturals Body Wash is 2.49 for 12 oz.  
Add that together and my total for accomplishing the same tasks is 3.28, that's .81 cheaper.  
Oz wise, it comes out to the same.
Now, .81 is not a big deal, but for not considering it a must have product, I can save my .81-hey, that's almost a candy bar!  

Influenster tried to woo me with these couple of ideas:
Great for kids!
Uh, it contains fragrance, I'm not using a product with fragrance on my kids...
Less bottles=More space!
Now, we all know I have a love for organizing and reducing clutter, but honestly, de-cluttering my shower is not something high on my list...

I did receive some coupons, and I have seen some in the paper, but they haven't been worthwhile.  For instance, receive .20 off a bottle, or (I think) $1 off two bottles!  So that's not worth it either to me, in my opinion.  

So, there ya have it, my honest review of the Ivory 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash!

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