Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Boys Fashion...

I have never been one to be up on the fashion trends, and I probably never will.  I'm one of those-the same bottom with the same top, never mix and match!  Which is probably one reason why I have so many clothes because I've never learned the art of actually putting outfits together.  
This problem has seemed to carry on to my boys' fashion-duh, because I buy their clothes and I dress them!  They, of course, also have too many clothes!  I tend to think they look pretty cute, but in all honesty, I fear for them.  They may be destined to a childhood with patterned pants and matching sweater vests.  I love them, of course, but I swoon over the preppy look.  I just have no idea how to put it together!  

I was recently turned on (and I fell hard, let me tell you) to ZARA kids!  I had no idea they even had a kids section!  This might be why my credit card will be taken away.  

What do you think of these outfits?

My Mommy's a Fashionista #1 

My Mommy's a Fashionista #2

My Mommy's a Fashionista #3 

My Mommy's a Fashionista #4
My Mommy's a Fashionista #5 

All of these outfits were created on Polyvore with inspiration from Zara Kids.  I am still trying to figure out Polyvore so I apologize if the product information is not visible.  I am in love with these outfits and plan on creating many more and pinning them so I have a reference for myself!  

I have most of the boys' spring/summer clothing, but I think there are a few staples missing!
Shoes, jackets, shoes and jackets!
My boys are on their way to stylin'

Where do you like to shop for boy clothes?

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