Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Money Woes...
Money...it's probably the single most anxiety inducing discussion/topic for me.  I know I'm not alone; most young couples, especially those with kids, struggle with money.  It takes a lot of control, budgeting and sacrificing to live "financially successful."  To me, that means no credit card debt (although for unforeseen circumstances we accrued credit card debt this summer and are working to pay it off and look forward to seeing Balance: $0!!!), the ability to pay all the necessary bills, and to afford some luxuries.  I haven't figured out what luxuries I want, and I'm the first to admit that line is usually blurred....anyway I digress...this post is not at all meant to be political, I will say that upfront.  In fact, if my opinions seem ignorant, it's because they are!  I stay out of politics on purpose.  It's usually doom and gloom and you can see above, anxiety ridden!  

My gut reaction to being infertile is anger.  I'm angry that I have to struggle to get pregnant, I'm angry that there are so many questions surrounding our future-although I do know if people knew the struggles that existed they would be nervous and question the whens and the ifs too.  But most importantly, I worry about money.  My emotions might be ugly and might make my heart black, but they won't stop me.  
Disclaimer: I think I have been blessed so far to have the journey I did.  I have not endured a loss or (I believe) a major struggle.  I am by no means minimizing those who struggle emotionally, and that's not to say if I had experienced such things as mentioned above, my emotions wouldn't be debilitating or enough to throw in the towel.  It's just my personal perspective.  

Emotions won't stop me.  I can enter into a cycle with no positive outlook, be angry at life, hate my situation, but still go through the motions.  But let's be honest, I don't think I know anyone who can enter into a new cycle and not exhibit a little hope.  But money, it's a game changer.  No money, no cycle; and I'm worried.  My husband is a resident, a real salary isn't coming for MANY years, but I refuse to wait that long to cycle again.  No way....

Initially, we worked with an organization that provided insurance coverage with IUIs.  Then, my doctor had a grant from the state of NY that provided financial aid for IVF.  Thankfully, we qualified and had almost 100% coverage.  For our FET, we worked with the organization again and they paid half of our FET cost.  I needed some estrogen patches, prometrium and progesterone in oil, so I paid for uncovered meds.  I worried about money then too-coming up with half an FET is no small amount of change.  And then pay for your yearly embryo storage....

Presently, I have state insurance.  Normally, I would be hesitant; but because so many people work for the states most doctors take it.  Phew!!!!  Such a sigh of relief when I found out my OB/GYN and pediatrician for my boys were covered!  But getting information on fertility coverage was a whole different story.  My payroll secretary didn't know any information.  My employer lost my information so I was without a card/ID number for weeks-and without an ID number they can't give you solid information.  Thankfully, I found out I am covered for 3 IVFs (1 IVF= a retrieval, a fresh transfer and a frozen transfer.  They do not have to be used in conjunction with each other, so I have 3 frozen transfers before I will need to pay out of pocket for one.  Obviously a fresh transfer only happens after a retrieval).  

As is anything in life-it's complicated.  When I was talking to the IVF coordinator in the phone, she rattled off a list of requirements: between the ages of 21-35 (check, I'm 25), must have attempted conception for a year and done 6 IUIs.  Hmm...I told her my story and told her that I currently have 4 frozen embryos.  My doctor is to provide information to confirm that yes, we did indeed have a retrieval in 2008 and yes, we have 4 snow babies :)  

Today I spoke with my doctor and the IVF coordinator.  There was some confusion-my doctor thought the information they were requesting needed to be current; the insurance just wants evidence.  No new tests (for insurance's sake) need to be performed in order for approval to happen!  

So, more waiting.  The IVF coordinator believes we'll be granted approval.  My heart is already in this cycle.  I hope to begin birth control within a week...but if we don't get approval...the money, it'll be a game changer.  

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