Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Formal Welcome...
Yesterday I "outed" myself on Facebook.  I have always been vocal about infertility, but I don't frequently update my statuses on Facebook, and I rarely use Facebook as a soapboxAs of now, I don't even plan on linking to Facebook for my regular postings.  
So, I appreciate all the awesome views yesterday!  I hope they continue...

At the beginning, my battle with infertility was somewhat public.  I was in undergrad and given the nature of things-scheduled classes and scheduled doctors appointments, I knew people would figure out that something was up. And obviously, I'm pretty good in the TMI department, or I wouldn't have started this blog!  I decided I would be honest with my teachers and friends because I'm not a good fibber.  Plus, I would be missing class time and I didn't want to ask for notes and have the other person think I was just skipping class.  When it came time for the pregnancy test with the first IVF, I realized I didn't really have a way of keeping it a secret. If it worked, I would be a regular in class again; if it didn't-well, I would continue to skip (I mean miss) class.  So, when the call came in, I sent out a mass text telling people that I was pregnant, but that it was extremely early.  
My second pregnancy progressed rather quickly and there was no prep, no missing of classes, and no reason for anyone other than close friends to know we were going to be doing a transfer.  So, close friends new pretty early, family members slowly found out later (actually, my mother and grandmother guessed I was pregnant and confronted me before I was ready to share the news-only because I was being "formal" and wanted to wait until I was out of the "danger" zone), and I outed myself on Facebook at exactly 12 weeks.  
Over the past few years I have tossed around the idea of blogging; always shying away from it thinking I wasn't a good enough writer.  As time has gone on, I've also become more interested in spreading the word about infertility awareness, education and overall sensitivity.  So, I decided I wanted to start this blog as a stepping stone for what will hopefully morph into an overall place of infertility awareness and education.  When I knew we were embarking on a new journey, I decided that if I was going to choose this as my soapbox, I needed to be honest, screw formality-no hiding until 20 weeks of pregnancy...
So there ya go, I plan on keepin' it real up in here!  Hope you'll stick around!   

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