Monday, January 9, 2017

Stims: Day 3-5

Today is day 5 of stims!
I am so happy to report that I really have been feeling so much better physically since my extra lining was removed on Friday.  No cramping and no weird pains!
I also want to add that the weekend was a nice reprieve from my usual and I found myself having no emotional side effects. I do think many of these emotional reactions are due to any particular situation, so if you're reading this and looking for advice: assess your personal situation and try to see where you might need help, or put a safety in place to prevent an emotional reaction that could otherwise be thwarted.  

Today I went in for a monitoring appointment, and "you have a nice crop growing!"
10 follicles ranging in size from 3-11.5, and since this is just the beginning, we should still see some more pop up.  Although I've said realistically I'm going for two good embryos to transfer, I would really really love to see a similar retrieval response of 18 like last time.  It's not realistic, but it will be interesting to see what happens.  

For the first two nights I was injecting: two menopur vials dissolved in .5 saline, 150 gonal-f, and .3 of the low dose hcg.  Friday-Sunday night I increased to three menopur vials and everything else remained the same.  Tonight I am supposed to take three menopur vials, drop to 100 gonal-f and .3 low dose hcg. Tomorrow night that stays the same, but I add in a cetrotide injection.  That medicine is used to prevent premature ovulation.  I will probably be on that until retrieval.  I want to add that because I outgrew my last chart, and it's not medically relevant since I'm nine years older and the protocols have changed, but I'd love to compare last cycle to this cycle.  Maybe one day I'll ask them nicely to drag it out.  

Right now, the ultrasound showed an almost non-existent uterine lining.  Even though I was cleaned out Friday, it should have still shown some development since then.  Also, because my estrogen was on the high side when the cycle began, he is not able to give me estrogen to stimulate the lining production.  If my lining remains "crappy," then we'll freeze whatever we get from this cycle and I can either do a frozen embryo transfer the next cycle, February, or I can wait however long I want!  He does think it's either a bad image, or with the time we have left, the lining will naturally develop.  However we both agree that our focus right now is just growing follicles and creating good embryos, we'll worry about the rest later.  

I go back for blood work and ultrasound on Wednesday.  


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