Sunday, January 22, 2017

Embryology Report & Recovery

If you ask most people who have undergone a retrieval, most will tell you it's a piece of cake.  The two people ahead of me walked right out.  
Of course there's always one...
I was at risk for OHSS because of how stimulated I was and because of my estrogen levels.  So it was no surprise that things got difficult.  My abdomen became so distended I looked about 5 months pregnant by the day after retrieval.  I'm on medication specifically for this, and I'm supposed to eat salty food to draw the fluid so I can pee it out, as well as drink Gatorade so I get electrolytes which will help keep me hydrated because all the fluid was going to my abdomen through the "leaky vessels."

While I didn't take a specific follow up picture, which I totally should have-I was doing some recording for an upcoming video! I did take a shower and put on makeup.
All so I could feel human for a bit. 


On Friday, I was down a couple pounds by mid day-I had finally started peeing more and I was definitely losing the fluid that was being retained in my abdomen.  
The thing is though, even once the distention goes down, your abdomen is still sore from being distended for so long.  

On Saturday I was still looking pretty bloated, and had started to feel like I was overdoing it-dizzy and slow walking.  
Sunday, today, I also woke up feeling dizzy, but after laying around for a few hours and eating something, I felt better.  I will also say here that I am no longer sure if how I look is bloat, or just fat?!? 
My morning began with me feeling decent, however, by around 2pm, I had almost a constant uterine dull tender feeling and have spent the rest of the day laying low.  I am back to work tomorrow, but plan on taking it relatively easy this week.  While I no longer specifically feel the bloating/distention due to OHSS, I am still eating salty foods and drinking gatorade just as a way to ensure I continue to be on the up and up.  

Now, for the most important part, what makes this all worth it!
As of Saturday, we still had 14 embryos: 10 grade 1: perfect, and 4 grade 2: average.  
So, no longer do we have a straggler!!! 
Freezing takes place Monday and Tuesday at Day 5 and 6, and I'll hear from the embryologist then!

I also begin 10 units of Lupron tomorrow. 

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