Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Makin' room in the freezer....

For NINE embryos!  

I wanted to do a whole post on the grading system of embryos except I found there are different standards and clinics can freeze differently, but I don't know what my clinic goes by.  I also don't have my personal report to offer any insight into the question of: there were 14, but now there are 9-what happened to the other 5?!?  However, it appears that it is very common for embryos to "arrest," or stop developing due to chromosomal abnormalities. So that probably explains the 1, as for the 4 grade Bs, right now, I don't have any insight.  

I should have more information on Monday and I will report back then! 
But, 9 is an awesome number to work with and hopefully we have some rainbow babies in there.  

Now, the real question is, how many do we transfer now: one, or two?!? 

Let me know which one you vote for!!!

You can check out information on embryo grading HERE ,HERE  and HERE
You can also check out embryo development HERE
*We did ICSI (Introcytoplasmic sperm injection) with all the eggs as a way to increase fertilization.  
*We decided not to do genetic testing on these current embryos due to cost-I will know on Monday how many embryos could be tested at a later date should we choose to. 

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