Friday, January 20, 2017

Retrieval UPDATED

Wednesday afternoon, was our second egg retrieval!

We were to report around 10am, but arrived early, around 9:45.  I'm not sure why they have you arrive so early, as nothing started until around 10:35.  At that time I was called back to get my gown on, sign consents, and speak with the anesthesiologist.  At this point, there was one person ahead of me.  

When it was my turn, Dr. B came in and went over the risks with us.  He of course listed all the minor risks, and when he was done, I added in, "death." 
"That's very rare," he said.  "Ok, but it can still happen!" 
"God forbid!"  
He told me after, he repeated this story in the OR while I was asleep, and when he was done, I pointed to my ear, as if I can hear you!!!

Dr Husband and I said our goodbyes and I was taken into the OR when they had me position against the foot of the operating table, and lean back so I was laying down in the proper position.  I was fitted with my blood pressure cuff, oxygen and IV.  The room was freezing and I couldn't stop shaking.  Apparently it's kept cool so the patients don't overheat.  
Dr. B came in the room once we were ready and the anesthesiologist eventually said, "here we go." I saw her begin to inject the white sedation, and I promptly closed my eyes, determined not to fight going to sleep.  I did feel a burning sensation through my oxygen, I mentioned it, was told it was ok, and that's all I remember.  
I know I wasn't off on my weight when I told the anesthesiologist, so I know I wasn't dosed wrong, but I woke up twice during the retrieval-which is all of about 15-20 minutes.  My eyes were closed, and I couldn't talk, so all I could do was point to my IV as a way to motion to them that I needed more meds. 
Eventually, I woke up for good, and I heard him report how many eggs were retrieved and I blew him a kiss, or at least I thought I blew him a kiss, he says I gave him a thumbs up.  

I was asked to move to another bed so I could be wheeled into recovery, and there I continued sleeping for 45 minutes.  Standard recovery is 30 minutes, but I needed extra meds, so I took longer to wake up.  And even though I was "awake" I was not at all ready to get up.  At some point, maybe an hour into it, I began having a lot of pain in my abdomen and right leg.  The nurse went up to check with Dr. B that leg pain was normal, and he said it was.  About an hour and a half into it, Dr. B came down and we talked about my pain, and he suggested I eat something, drink something and take Tylenol.  Two hours into recovery, he insisted on sending Dr. Husband to go get percocet from the local pharmacy.  I was adamant I wasn't taking it, but I was almost in tears about the pain. I just couldn't move without pain, so I wasn't sure how I was going to get up and go home. But eventually I just was getting all worked up about it.  Afraid of the pain, afraid of why I was dizzy (I wasn't wearing my contacts) afraid I was going to have a severe case of hyperstimulation, afraid every sensation I felt was blood...and I realized I needed to just get up and go home.  They saved the best for last ;) as I was the last retrieval of the day, so they let Dr. Husband back and he gave me my contacts, and helped me get to the bathroom where once I confirmed I definitely was not bleeding, I felt much better.  

 "Document the journey" 

We headed home, stopping at DD along the way-it was almost 3pm, and I hadn't eating since dinner the night before!  My pain was bearable, but not great and I was kind of groggy.  We got back to Baltimore around 7pm that night.  

Post-retrieval has been hard.  Many people have no complications from the retrieval and walk away just fine-I did my first time.  This time, I almost set a clinic record for recovery time, and I definitely have mild OHSS.  I didn't know what to expect, but my abdomen is retaining a lot of fluid.

It is very uncomfortable-not in a painful way, but just being so bloated hurts!  Yesterday I didn't pee much, but since I did pee, I don't have to panic.  Today I'm peeing a lot of fluid-less bloated, but still the same uncomfortable, if not more.  So far I don't have to be concerned because I'm not gaining a ton of weight (I'm up 5-8lbs) and I can breathe easily.  I'm definitely not moving well, and I'm so glad I cancelled work for Thursday and Friday; this was definitely not an easy recovery.  

I also want to mention, in case anyone is reading this who is going through a retrieval, I had almost no bleeding post retrieval. The pain in the recovery was uterine and in my right leg, however once that subsided a few hours later, it is just uncomfortable distended abdomen feeling.  

I think you've waited long enough to find out how many eggs were retrieved.

Image result for 23 image

"I aspirated every single one of those follicles!" 

Yesterday was the day the eggs were fertilized and I knew I would get a call with my embryology report.  It turns out I missed their call, twice, and by the time I saw, the office was closed; they close early on Thursdays.  I called the answering service, who tried convincing me I didn't really need to talk to anyone.  I really don't love texting Dr. B during work hours, but I did and he wrote me back with my fertilization report:
23 retrieved, 18 mature, 13 fertilized 
In 2009 our fertilization report:
18 retrieved, 16 mature, 15 fertilized

Considering I'll be 30 next month, and our initial guess was 12 at retrieval, we did pretty damn good.  This roller coaster was well worth it for this outcome and I'll find out Monday the final report as we'll know then what developed long enough to be frozen for next month's transfer.  

Until then, don't forget 

I wasn't expecting a call from embryology, but he just called and left me a message that in the end, 14 fertilized and currently 10 are a grade 1: perfect, 3 are a grade 2: average, and 1 is a grade 3: not so good.  He will call me tomorrow with an updated report!

And one more story for the books: Moshe was asking Dr. H why he has to go to NY.  He told Moshe, "because mommy is having a surgery." To which Dovy responded, "No, you also have to go because you have part of the baby inside you that also has to come out!"
Dr. B thought that was "amazing!"


  1. Sounds like a great success! Hoping that next month's transfer goes even better!

    1. Thank you! Much better than we could have ever anticipated!

  2. Me wants to know.....are you going to use as many of the good ones as you can?


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