Thursday, January 5, 2017

Stims: Day 1

These next couple of weeks' updates will surely be somewhat repetitive.  And while that doesn't make for the best blog content, it will serve as a journal for me, but also for anyone else now or in the future.  When you're in something, you think you'll forever, but as time goes on, you soon forget.  

Today was my first day post the first stimming injection.  Last time I was on stimms, in 2008, I really do not remember any side effects. I did not gain weight, I was not overly hormonal, I was not uncomfortable...although I'm sure the fact that life was really boring then probably helped keep my emotions at bay.  Now, with three kids, thank God, and a crazy always on the go lifestyle, things get hectic.  
Today, I had a full on meltdown after I dropped my kids off at school. There were just too many tantrums to count by 8:30 this morning.  
Coincidence this happened the day after my first injection?
Maybe...maybe not.

I have also been feeling rather crampy and uncomfortable today.  I never did get my overdue period, so tomorrow it'll be suctioned out.  So, maybe my cramps are from an overdue period? Maybe the hormones made it react? Who knows, but I'm so excited to see what tomorrow's ultrasound shows!  

It is supposed to snow here and in NY tonight, so I'm hoping to get out of here a little earlier than normal so I can get back in time, as Fridays make for a rushed afternoon.  

I'll update when I can!

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