Monday, July 15, 2013

Onto the 9!!!

I can't believe we've made it this far! 
The homestretch...
Single digits...
Let the madness begin!

I think there has been a lack of overall pregnancy updates-mainly due to being overwhelmed with the medical aspect of this pregnancy.
I've been holding my breath for awhile...still doesn't seem real that this will work out.
I'm trying to not think like that...
And I'm definitely acting as if a live baby is going to be living with us in a few weeks, and I pray to G-d that's the case....

 Total weight gain/loss: 45 lbs.  I totally forgot all about weighing myself on my own scale, minus breakfast, lunch and clothes! Those few pounds really make a difference!  It's not as bad as I thought, so I'm continuing to enjoy my icecream.  Hey, it's really hot and humid!

Maternity clothes? They don't fit, I feel like I have nothing to wear...everything I do wear just showcases my lovely rolls-oh well.  Most people I've encountered think pregnancy is beautiful, so it appears that no one is looking at me the way I look at me.  Although my dad has started asking me point blank, "so, how big are you?" 
I get big, I know...oh well.  
As my husband reminded me-wouldn't you rather look good after pregnancy than during? 
True, he has a point-but why can't it be during both?
I guess beggars can't be choosers.  
I did buy my second and third non-maternity, post baby clothing items-some cardigans, that were 40% off at GAP, can't wait to wear them!

Sleep: Waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and I need lots of pillows, and my hips hurt, and my heartburn is out of control....

Best moment this month: Hmm...IVIG has become a weekly part of my life, I've become friends with the nurses, I have a routine. 

Movement:TONS!I still love that mostly when I start to freak out, I get a kick, which is great.  But the movements are also starting to hurt...

Exercise:What's that? Even walking hurts...


Gender: We know and some friends and family have been let in on the secret. 

Labor Signs: Nope! Definitely having the braxton hicks-which have never happened to me before. They're no fun!!! Not painful, just annoying-it's like this weighted ball pulls me over.

Belly Button in or out?Mainly out

What I miss:running, feeling healthy, not having rolls of fat, breathing.  But it's fine, I've done this before.

What I am looking forward to: Appointment Wednesday with the Highest of the Highs, his colleague and a tour of the NICU.  We've definitely solidified that the birth will be taking place at the academic hospital near me.  I'm sad to not be delivering at the place where I had the boys-only because I know it.  I also have no idea who will deliver me.  I know, typically, your OB will not be the one to deliver you.  It happens to be that I had him deliver both of my boys.  So, I'm a little upset to have that pattern disrupted. I'll be more nervous if we do end up going with a c-section, because again-it won't be my doctor.  But he's promised me he'll meet with them, I'll meet with them, and he'll give them thorough instructions and what they better do! 

New Symptoms:  My hips are really bothering me in the morning.  I definitely own the pregnancy waddle.  

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