Friday, July 26, 2013

An official countdown...

So I'm writing from my phone-let's see how this goes. It doesn't look I have the ability to do much, other than type and use pictures from my phone.

First of all, I want to let you know that I have a blog schedule-all nicely writen out in my calendar. Isn't there a saying, something about having the best intentions....

Anyway-I'm WAY behind on letting you all in on my thoughts, opinions and plans for welcoming, G-d willing, our third child in the upcoming weeks.

But most importantly, we have an official countdown!!!!

17 days
2.5 weeks
2 more IVIG treatments 

And then we will FINALLY be able to meet this fiesty, drama causing child of ours! 

Let's back up shall we...

Last week we had an ultrasound and a meeting with the second in command.  The ultrasound looked great, the baby is developing as it should.  No new bleeds, and everything just.looks.good! Thank  G-d!!! 

With the confirmation that things are progressing as they should, we were offered two choices: to just do a c-section, or perform a PUBS and check the baby's platelets to determine if a c-section is required or if it's high enough, to move forward with an induction. 

Here's where it gets a little tricky.  The PUBS is done, typically, between 34-36 weeks as an outpatient procedure.  However, everyone agrees that it wasn't the best idea to do this procedure and risk a complication at 34/35 weeks.  So, everyone feels that the PUBS is a reasonable option, but only with constant monitoring after.  

What we've decided is that at 38 weeks 4 days, aka August 12, in the early evening, I will be admitted and will undergo the PUBS. 

Want to know how the PUBS is done? A needle is inserted through my stomach and into the umbilical cord.  That way, a sample of the baby's blood can be taken and tested.  Sounds super exciting right?

I will be having an epidural beforehand.  The PUBS will be done and if a c-section is required I will already be prepped with my epidural! If a natural delivery is allowed, then an induction will begin.  I'm not too nervous about forcing labor before my body is ready and then ending up with a c-section; this is my third birth and the other two times I walked around dilated to 3 cm for weeks!!!!  So I'm hopeful that an induction would be successful -I am not anticipating a quick labor by ANY means, it'll be a looong night!!!

The doctor on call is the second in command and will be there through the night, so hopefully she'll deliver.  If a c-section is needed, she will be there, but so will the highest of the highs.  

At this time they do not think a
C-section will be required and they don't think the baby will require any NICU time! Although they will do an ultrasound of the brain to confirm all is well.  I'm not holding my breath though-I think every time I've let myself breathe a sigh of relief, something else has popped up!   I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for either possibility. 

So, here I sit, for my third to last IVIG, as the final countdown is officially ON!!!

Now to survive my move this week...

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