Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Handmade...with love

My three year old loves to "go to work."
What does that mean?
His work is to create endless piles of scribbles, finger painting and stickers stuck on construction paper.  
Although I will admit, his resume did improve this year with school.  
We don't have endless wall space, and I do love hanging on to his masterpieces.
Handmade...with love
 Although not all of it is worth saving-contrary to his belief!  
For instance, while doing some organizing and packing I came across a pile of white printer paper-probably 10 sheets, at least, all scribbled with yellow marker. 
Mr. Piccaso I tell ya! 
Yeah, they're no longer with us.

Sometimes I find good excuses to get rid of the artwork-last Chanukah I laminated as many of the bigger drawings and paintings as I could and laminated them and sent them off for family as homemade place mats!  I think it went over well!  
A lot of his projects now are holiday related, so I put those away with our other holiday decorations.  
But because of the move-all of his artwork had to be taken down.  
Our little hallway of masterpieces was seriously one of my favorite places in the house...aside from the bathroom with my favorite shower curtain.  I kid, I kid.  

I've loved hanging all his artwork on our art hanger-original inspiration found on the one and only Pintrest.  
It has also been a wonderful year of growth for Moshe and I've loved hanging up his weekly letter.

With the move, things had to come down.  I used this opportunity to explain to Moshe that not only were we moving, but we had to make room for all of the wonderful work he'll bring home from school next year!  
He was cool with it.  

But I didn't want to throw out everything-so we made piles for all of our family members and sent them off. 
After a really annoying trip to Staples, where I was informed that one sheet of lamination costs over $2, I bought a laminator on Amazon and laminated all the letters, along with a couple other book-like projects,  made a cover and back cover page and will have them bound.  
I will show you a finished product soon-the binding is on my To-do list for next week.  

But I also had to decide what I wanted to do with some things that didn't fit into the holiday specific category, or book category, and I just didn't want to send off-like the things with his pictures.  Or the mothers day heart he made me where he told me I make yummy pancakes.  

Another Pintrest idea was to buy file folder storage and make a folder for each year.  
So that's exactly what  I did.

For now, his work fit nicely into this file folder that is in a container!
Thank you Container Store for always coming to the rescue!  

And, my favorite part, is how I labeled the bin itself

Handmade with love...yes indeed! 

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