Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Munchies...

So, I don't actually have a recipe to showcase today...
I wanted to do something in honor of the 4th, but since that's a few days away, I figured I'd show you some recipes I'm interested in, as well as the one I plan on making. 

fourth of july desserts Fourth of July Sweet Treats! 


 July 4th free printable circles 

I'm loving that a lot of the Red White and Blue feature are actually fruit!  
It's great when my kids eat, but it's a bonus when it's actually something great for them. 
I actually bought ingredients to prepare the Red White and Blue parfaits, item 7-and I know they will be a huge hit because who doesn't love fruit and whipped cream??? 

It has been sweltering here in NY and those popsicles look divine right about now! 

And who doesn't love a free printable?


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