Friday, February 28, 2014

ORC-Where are they now?

A few months back I participated in the One Room Challenge.
A 6 week link up where a makeover was completed on a room of your choice.
I chose to use this as an opportunity to push myself to finally complete Hannah's nursery.  
You can see my inspiration HERE.
You can see my final reveal HERE and find links to all the completed weeks.

The purpose of this week's link up is to see if all those pesky little last minute details-which totally complete a room by the way, were actually completed.  

 Hannah's nursery has remained fairly the same. It currently looks like this

I never cut that annoying tag off of the curtains.

 I never hung a curtain rod to "close" the closet-but I decided I was going to leave it open since you can only see it if you stand and turn around from the changing table.  I've also yet to return the actual curtain rod itself! 

I've done a little re-arranging of Hannah's bookcase as some new items now call it home. 

 The potpourri was a beautiful arrangement from IKEA, and the bowl is from Target.

This beautiful frame is from Etsy, she has the most gorgeous frames. It was everything I had in mind, but never saw in the store! 

I never connected an extension cord to her rocking chair lamp.
Dovy knocked off a string of crystals from one of the sconces-which he tells me all about every time I change his diaper. 

I am still absolutely in love with her nursery.
The one thing I think I would change is I would have left the side table completely white.  
 So, there ya have it-Happy weekend!


  1. I still am in love with this room, too. I had to laugh at the room because that pile of laundry will never end. Mine are now 13 & 15...there is laundry everywhere. I love the personalized frame, so sweet. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you! It's actually the dreaded switch of the sizes...the clothes are still there, a week later!!!

  2. Hannah's little nursery is still beautiful. Only a mom knows the work that goes into taking care of a baby. You did your best to keep it functional and comfortable for her.

    1. Thank you! Now if only my crib's drop side would STAY ON, then the room would actually be functional!!!

  3. I still adore that wall and the monogram!! Love!

    1. Thank you so much! This is definitely my happy place :)


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