Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What it's like...

When you choose to be open about something, you can expect a multitude of questions.  
That's the point right?  
The more you make yourself available, the more questions people have the opportunity to ask, and the more people ask the more they learn.  
And that's the point of this whole thing.
Spread awareness and create sensitivity.  

It's no surprise to me that I get a lot of questions-there's no question I don't feel comfortable finding some way to answer.  

I pump during one of my breaks with a co-worker who told me about an episode of MTV's True Life:
I'm Desperate to Have a Baby

The episode showcases two couples going through IVF.  One couple has already done a few rounds with no success, and another couple is on their first go around.  
There's no way that a tv show can depict what infertility and IVF are like in it's entirety, however I personally think this episode did a great job touching on many of the realities: the shots, the retrieval, the transfer, the two week wait, and the emotions.
I was crying within the first five minutes.  
So real.  

So, if you ever wondered what it was like, check it out.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I saw that too--and was weeping the whole time. It's a really powerful show!


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