Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Munchies...

I can't believe it's February!  
You know what that means-my birthday!
And Valentines Day!!! 
Moshe's school doesn't celebrate Valentines Day, so who better that to give Valentines to than your co-workers???
Yes, I am that person. 

Nothing would be complete without donuts 

Sprinkles make anything better

Who doesn't like a good 'ole cupcake?

This would be perfect for a Valentines party

Cherry Chocolate Chip Cheeseball 

How cute is this?

I love you s'more - Cute valentine treat by catrulz 

If you're obsessed with the movie Frozen, like me, than this is for you! 

And then there are the classics... 



And of course, there's a muddy buddy/puppy chow Valentines edition 

What do you like to give for Valentines Day?
Check out what I did last year HERE

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