Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day

Valentines Day was never made a big deal growing up. 
Sure, we had a party in school, we had to make some sort of "mail" box to receive all the valentines from classmates, but that was it.  
Thanks to Pinterest it seems like everyone is going all out-which I love. 
I love a good project which results in spreading happiness and cheer to others.

Because my son does not celebrate Valentines at his school, to get my fix-I decided to make Valentines for all of my co-workers.

You can read about the Valentines that caught my eye HERE.
Which one did I choose?

You guessed it-I'm donuts over you!
Duh, I love me some donuts!

I ordered the boxes HERE
I printed the free printables HERE

I stuffed them with Entanmans popems.  
These boxes are 4x4x4.
The width is great, but the height is too high-you could fit almost an entire box of popems in there-which felt a little awkward.  However, I'm not sure if there is an option of a box with less height.
You could use bags, but I loved the idea of the box.
Transport was tricky-safe for the contents, but bulky yet lightweight.  
These were perfect as I handed them out bright and early.
Just what the staff needed before our students came barreling in for the day! 

You also know I love me a good project.  
Around Christmas time I got into stamps and have become obsessed with embossing and finding cute stamps.  

I love all things Beatles, so when I found this, I thought it would be perfect-it expressed the sentiment of the day in a perfect, non-cheesy way.
I filled the bags with homemade chocolate chip cookies dipped in chocolate and sprinkles and dipped marshmallows.  
I tied them all up with red bakers twine and attached this beauty of a tag.

I'm loving how everything turned out!

Happy Valentines Day, and don't forget...

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