Friday, February 14, 2014

Hannah is 6 months!

Y'all know I'm terrible at blogging in real time. 
Life just gets in the way.

BUT-I want to hit on this important milestone as close to the actual date as I can.
Yesterday...Hannah turned 6 months old!
I can't believe it.  
The months are flying by.
It feels like just yesterday she was born.
As we speak she's eating her first food-peas, and is loving it.  

Hannah has finally decided chilling is not so bad.
Her brothers adore her.
She recognizes those important in her life by face, and by voice.
She's an awesome snuggler and a proficient drooler.  

She has the perfect laugh-which only her brothers can get out of her.

You have been to three weddings and are going on your 3rd flight tomorrow night!  
You suck your thumb like no body's business.  

You love hugs, kisses and to be held.  

We can't imagine our lives without you...our little "neester"

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