Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Bumpdate

Wow, a whole week flew by before my eyes!  But, as they say, another day another dollar-in this case, a week further along!  And, this week was like getting the tax refund-you feel like it's free, however you did work for that money!  I found out at my first OB appointment that my due date is being moved up to 8/23!  The machines are much newer and more accurate, and my ultrasound measured 10 weeks 4 days, which was further ahead than it should be.  My husband now jokes that next time we do an ultrasound we'll determine the baby is really due in July :)  
So here we are, 10 weeks, 2 months!  So far so good.  I actually think I've felt the baby move a few times. Now I know it sounds crazy, and one of my friends even suggested, "it must be gas," but believe me, I know what gas feels like. It's not gas, it's a distinct movement/knocking like sensation.  

I was released from Dr. Beloved, bittersweet...I am to take one progesterone for a week, and then no more!  It will be nice to be done with those pesky things, but I'll be sad to miss my weekly visits.  I didn't know at my last appointment that it was my last, so I sent him an e-mail tonight thanking him, and declaring my love and appreciation for him.  

Because I can barely keep up, and I'm late getting the 2 month picture as it is, I'm going to do monthly updates as oppose to weekly.  So, here we go:

Excuse me for looking's almost Friday....
 How far along: 10 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Up 10 pounds. Yikes!
Maternity clothes: No-and can still fit into my regular skirts...which is a little strange considering how much weight I'm up.
Stretch marks: Old ones
Sleep: Fine, waking up about once a night to visit the bathroom.
Sickness: A little bit of nausea, but thankfully no puking, yet...
Special moment: Another ultrasound-it's amazing to see how much the baby grew from last week-it's legs and arms, it was bouncing all over...
Movement: Little taps...
Food cravings/aversions: Not really craving anything too much,just want to eat!  Unfortunately, I haven't been eating healthy, which I feel terrible about.  Part of it is that the food I used to eat makes me nauseous, the other part is the more unhealthy food sounds better.  And, I'm enjoying eating what and when I want as oppose to dieting.  I really have a goal of working on that in the upcoming weeks when I regain some energy and normalcy.
Exercise: bad weather, nausea, and a sinus infection derailed my running plans...I'm slowly easing back into it and I'm hopeful that this week will provide me with decent, consistent weather and I can get in at least 3, 3-4 mile runs.  I also have to begin looking into DVDs for pregnancy-something for flexibility as well as strength.
Gender: Don’t know...the debate is on about finding out!
Labor signs: Nope!
Belly button in or out: In
What I am looking forward to: first trimester screening is 2/12.  I'm looking forward to more consistent movement, and an actual baby bump as oppose to a muffin top. 

Here's the 10w4d ultrasound, again, thanks to hubby for scanning for me as a last minute request-he came downstairs after putting the kids to bed to see if I needed anything else-hoping to be told no so he could go up and go relax.  I burst out, "scan this and take a picture of my bump!"

Getting bigger!!!!

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