Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Resolutions

I don't remember ever formally writing, or even thinking about for that matter, what I wanted to accomplish in the new year.  I consider myself pretty organized and ambitious, so I always have a To Do list a mile long. Yes, unfortunately some tasks make it onto numerous To Do lists, but typically, what needs to get done, does.  But, this year, I'll put a few formal goals out there:

1.  I recently purchased a parenting class set, Chanoch L'naar (this is a Jewish, religious class, so not for everyone!)-it comes with all classes (one per week, plus a few bonus classes), the ability to call in to a hot line, and a work book that correlates to the weekly classes.  
In order to accomplish this goal, I will need to set aside at least one night a week to listen to the hour long class.  I will need to do the homework and set aside as much time as I can to implement the techniques.  This is extremely  important to me for a couple of reasons.  I paid a pretty penny and I do not want to just see this CD collecting dust by my desk. But most importantly, my oldest son is 3.  Once kids start talking-they demand, they complain, they boss and they talk back.  As a parent, it is my responsibility to learn how to deal with these behaviors appropriately.  What does appropriately mean?  I could always be screaming and yelling, use the time out chair I had specially made on Etsy, or I can learn how to be productive with these behaviors and hopefully build a strong parent-child foundation.  My sons might be young now, but soon they'll be older, and they'll know if their mommy and daddy are strong, on the same page, love them and respect them, but at the same time are strong enough to set appropriate boundaries that will help them learn to lead productive lives.  I know it's a big pill to swallow,  but we'll take it one day at a time, one year at a time.  I know from people who have taken this class that this is a yearly commitment, as every year you have a new age to focus on.  The process of discipline is constantly evolving for many reasons-circumstances, age, behaviors, etc.  

2.  I began the Couch 2 5K in February of this year.  Yesterday, I ran my last run of 2012, totaling 475 miles.  This year, I want to run at least 500 (although the number 1,000 has been thrown out) and I want to run a few races.
In order to accomplish this goal I will need to run 20 miles a week (for 1,000).  Now, I'm not sure I'm that ambitious, but regardless of the end number, I want to run at least 4 times a week.  Part of the reason I am aiming for 4 times a week is just to maintain the habit of setting aside the time, lacing up my sneakers and getting out the door.  Another reason is because I do want to increase my annual miles.  This goal could all change depending on the races I choose to enter.

3.  I want to pay more attention to health within my family.  I want to make sure we're eating balanced, healthy, home cooked meals majority of the time (we already do),  but more importantly, I want to make sure my boys are eating healthy lunches and healthy snacks.  I want the dessert to be limited-and when there is some, it should be clean.  Again, I said majority of the time, I probably have the biggest sweet tooth in my family.
We have already started off in the right direction.  About 2 months ago, I banished diet pop from our house during the week.  Daddy keeps a 12 pack of Coke 0 in the car, but it is not to set foot indoors.  We will sometimes put a 2-liter in the freezer and hope it doesn't explode fridge for special occasions-i.e. when guests come.  Additionally, I want to put in a little bit more prep time for lunches and snacks for my boys-I want them to come home to healthy, fresh snacks, not grabbing packaged food from the snack drawer.  (Maybe we'll eliminate some of that food too, although sometimes on-the-go food is necessary for late mornings and diaper bags.)  

4.  I want to provide my husband with the opportunity to go back to his running roots.  Before we met, and while we dated, he was known for running down the Hudson, across the George Washington Bridge, etc.  We never ran together, because I was not a runner, but it is my dream for us to enjoy 10+ mile runs together, with the stroller.  
This will be extremely difficult on my end.  The way our set up has worked thus far, was that dinner is ready when he comes home at 6:30, we eat and by 7:30/7:45 he takes the kids up to bed.  Bedtime for us has been a real mess (maybe that should be a goal....) and it's known to last long into the night, leaving no time: without kids, to socialize, to discuss the important household issues, or, for him to exercise.  As much as I need the alone time to do the dishes, clean, prepare for the next day, blog ;), in the back of my mind, I am always bothered by his lack of exercise.  My husband is not bothered by his nightly duties, in fact, it is about the only time during they day he sees the kids.  But, it leaves him with no time to do what he needs to do.  So, together, we will need to create a solid nightly schedule, I will need to forgo some of my nightly alone time, or at least cut it down, and I will need to then be ok with him leaving the house for at least 45 minutes a night.  I think it is a very worthwhile sacrifice.  

5.  I want to spend less time on my phone and on the computer and more time with my kids, but mostly-being more in the moment.  
All too often I find myself counting down-counting down until daddy gets home, counting down until bed so I can do what I want to do, counting down until pay day, counting down until we make some extra money.  Really, none of this matters-Thank G-d I have kids, they are healthy, we are all healthy, and we're happy.  I need to focus more on the positive and stop worrying about my To Do list and the future-things will all work out.  

I think those are realistic goals for me, but I have some informal ones I want to jot down:

I want to learn how to stick to a budget better.
I want to learn how to be satisfied and not feel the need for materialistic items. 
I want to be positive more often.
I want to take better advantage of my time at work so I can be more productive.
I want to speak to more of my family on a regular basis.

I think that should do it-what goals do you have for 2013?  What do you want to be different about this year, 2013, than this past year, 2012.  

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