Thursday, January 17, 2013

What you see on the a reflection of the inside

That's what I feel like when it comes to the cleanliness of my house. If it's disheveled, so is my brain!  When it's organized, clean, and tidied up-so am I :)  I'm a much calmer, happier individual when things are put together!  
Now that doesn't mean that I'm a neat-freak, or that I'm too anal.  Please, don't come looking inside my cabinets, closet or garage...or now that I think about, my car either! It's a constant struggle....

I don't have a cleaning lady, and spending time cleaning is really not how  I want to spend my free time, or something I want to choose over relaxing!  So I have a few tricks up my sleeve that allow for a tidy house, on extremely short notice!  

A couple of tips I recommend:

only allow yourself to do dishes once a day-otherwise, I would be doing them after breakfast, when I come home from work, and after dinner.  So, only at night, when ALL that dishes are in the sink, do I commit to doing the dishes.

clutter looks better in a pile- I can't tell you how many different piles I have all over my house- recyclables, things to hang, things to move to the garage, things to gift, things to pack away, on and on and wears on me, but if it's organized, it's not as much of an eye sore and it's possible to be organized into a smaller pile then if it was just thrown somewhere.  It's called organized chaos!  

Now onto the cleaning:  

I do the dishes once a day-nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing clean dishes and an empty sink!  

Every night I will organize my counter space (see pile of clutter above) and condense it as much as possible!  

Then, I use BabyGanics all purpose cleaner, the grime fighter, in lavender!Oh my, it's totally non-toxic, the smell is heavenly, and it seriously knows how to fight grime!  I use this all over-it even cleans the beige fabric straps of my highchair!!!  Seriously, I can't get enough of this stuff!  So every night, my kitchen smells like heaven :)

Next up is addressing the mess of toys, in!!!

Downstairs, we have a 4x4 Ikea Expedit.  Which I love!  Although, it's still not big enough-can never have enough cubby space!  So, here you'll begin to notice my obsession with baskets!  We have 5 baskets in the unit, the rest of the space is full of books, and the bigger toys.  I have an additional two baskets on the floor-one holds the baby toys (which I need to go through and modify at this point) and another basket holds all the kitchen supplies.  We have two end tables with room for baskets underneath and I foresee two more baskets making their way soon! 

The boys each have a basket for toys in their own room, along with a bookshelf with two more baskets, and two additional baskets for diapers, supplies, etc which is placed on their dressers, my husband and I have a basket in our room, and we also have a basket in the kitchen for the foil, press n seal, etc. 

Here are some baskets I am drooling over currently, and I am anticipating their arrival :)  
These pretties are from Pottery Barn Kids


The thing I love about baskets is that you can find them to match any color and style-they come in all different types of materials.   But what's great about them is that they're like my kitchen cabinets-you don't see the inside, but on the outside, it gives off an organized appearance!  Now don't get me wrong, I don't like that the insides of these baskets are disorganized, but I have spent countless time organizing, and it just gets undone, so it's not worth my while to be uptight about it!  Organizing the play space is definitely on my list of things to do-along with my closet, linen closet, bathroom closet, garage, pantry, cabinet...hmm are you getting the idea?  It's all about fake it till ya make it!  

I'll be sure to include you when I do get around to organizing all of these places!

And of course a few from my other top fave- Restoration Hardware baby and child

So there ya have it-and if anyone has any idea on how to create collages for pictures where I can lay them out, add links, details, etc-I'm obviously in some need of help! These picture have a mind of their own!

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